10 Uncommon House Plant Mistakes Everyone Makes

If you are a house plant parent, then there is a high chance that you are making at least one of these 10 uncommon mistakes house plant parents make. The mistakes I am going to go over are quite uncommon and not often talked about, however being aware and correcting these mistakes can help your house plants thrive!

House Plant Mistakes

10 Uncommon House Plant Mistakes

Everyone loves indoor plants, they bring light and color to any room, but are you letting them grow to their full potential? So you have the basics on taking care of your house plants down pact, but what about other mistakes that aren’t talked about enough? So let’s go over it 10 uncommon mistakes the house plant parents make, that you just might be making. Ask yourself these 10 things are see how many you could improve on.

1. Does your House Plant have the Wrong Type Of Pot?

House plants require drainage holes to prevent root rot, but that’s not all plastic pots can actually trap moisture leading to fungal growth. The best pots for house plants tend to be terra cotta or glazed ceramic pots.

2. Are your Plants Overcrowded?

House plants like anything in life, need space to grow. Overcrowding tends to lead to competition for nutrients and light. This can result in stunted growth or even death.

3. Are your House Plants Getting enough Air Circulation?

Stagnant or sitting air can lead to a build-up of moisture and pests. Make sure there is airflow through the house, by having a door or window open, even a fan will do

4. Are you Watering Consistently?

So you water your plant but sometimes you leave it a bit too long? this can actually cause plant stress and lead to uneven growth. Try to have a watering schedule, I guess house plants like routine too

5. I hope you have some Humidity

A lot of house plants’ natural environment is from a tropical area, which means these plants are used to having a high level of humidity to thrive. If your home air is quite dry, it might be quite hard for your plants to truly thrive. You should try misting your plants on the regular or with a humidifier.

6. Are you OverPruning?

Pruning is great, it helps to maintain shape, and taking cuttings is also fun. But overdoing it will damage your plant to reduce its ability to photosynthesize and grow.

7. Have you experienced a Sudden Change in Temperature?

House plants are sensitive things. A sudden change in temperature and exposure to drafts can be hazardous to a house plant. Keep them away from air conditioning units this is a big one people often don’t think about.

8. Are you Watering with the Right Water Temperature?

Water that is too cold can actually shock the roots of the house plant and lead to wilting or yellow leaves. You should be using room temperature water when watering your plants.

9. Have you been Rotating your House Plant Babies?

If your house plants are only receiving light from one direction, they will grow unevenly and be misshaped. For even growth, I rotate my plants every 3 weeks.

10. And Lastly Have you Researched your Plant Babies?

Every house plant has different needs. Some require more light than others, some require more water, and some require a certain type of soil and temperature. If you research your house plant you can easily meet its needs to ensure the best health and growth possible.

So How many of these House Plant Mistakes do you Make?

To conclude there are many mistakes people make when taking on the journey of being a plant parent. By taking time and caring for the plant’s needs properly, they will thrive and you will succeed. House plants truly do add beauty, color, and life to a room, so I hope this list was helpful in a way that you can take away from this and put it to work in real life. Give your plants love and you will be rewarded with their beauty and health.

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House Plant Mistakes

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