2 Unique Techniques to make a Beautiful Hand Embroidery Rose

A Hand Embroidery rose makes for beautiful art for wall hangings or clothing. In this tutorial, I will cover 2 different Hand Embroidery rose techniques. The first Rose (spider Web Rose) Is beginner-friendly. While the second rose (boolean knot Rose) is slightly more advanced but definitely can be mastered with the practice for an absolute beginner.

Hand Embroidery Roses


Spider Web Hand Embroidery Rose

Step 1: Hand Embroidery Rose Pattern

For this hand embroidery rose technique, start by drawing a pattern. For the pattern draw a circle with 9 lines with averagely even spacing. It’s very important to have an odd number of lines when doing this, an even number won’t work. The lines should come from the center point of the circle

Step 2:

Now that the pattern is drawn, we are going to back over the lines with embroidery floss and needle. Start in the center and go out to the edge following each line that was drawn before. Do not stitch where the circle was drawn.

Step 3:

Push the needle up from the back of the fabric close to the center point of the circle. Take the floss and needle over and under the embroidered lines. Just like weaving. (Under, over, under over)

Continue weaving until the rose is complete

Step 4: Your Finished Spider Web Hand Embroidery Rose

Once completed push the back through to the back of the fabric and tie it off.

For a looser look you can gently pull on the floss with the needle. This will loosen up the embroidered “petals”.

For Hand Embroidery Leaves Tutorial

Boolean Knot Hand Embroidery Rose

Step 1

Draw the pattern. Simply draw lines where you want the Boolean stitch to go. 

For this rose, I like to start off with french knots in the middle. For a tutorial on how to make a french knot see this tutorial.

Step 2

Firstly bring the needle up through the back where you want the Boolean knot to be. This will be the end of the boolean stitch. 

Step 3

Push the needle through the fabric where you want the stitch to start. Make the end of the needle reach the ending point of the stitch where the embroidery floss should be already.

For the rose we are keeping these Boolean stitches small.

Step 4

Wrap the floss around the needle 10 or more times. 

Push the needle through the floss. The Eye of the needle may be a little difficult to push through if it is wider. I recommend using a needle with a smaller eye. 

Step 5: Completing the Boolean knot Hand Embroidery Rose

You should now have a coil of embroidery floss. Bring your needle back to the starting point and push through to the back. Tie the floss off at the back.

*Make sure you wrap the floss around enough times that it fills the gap. I Recommend doing at least 10 wraps each time, Sometimes a few of the coils unravel while the needle is getting pushed through.

Make the Boolean stitch where you please and complete the rose. For this rose I used 2 different colors for the boolean stitch, I then back and added a different color of french knots. I added leaves and bush. For a Tutorial on Hand, Embroidery Leaves See Here.

The boolean stitch can take some practice to completely master, Your first few tries might not be perfect but keep trying with it. 

Happy embroidering, for other tutorials check out the other tutorials under Hand embroidery

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