27 Great Gift Ideas for Crochet Lovers

So you need a gift and this someone who loves crochet? You cant think of anything to get them to buy wool and basic crochet hooks? This list contains 27 gift ideas for crochet lovers that have been well researched, the items in this list are unique, something they most likely don’t have and aren’t boring at all! The crochet gift ideas on this list are to die for! Very gorgeous and unique.

This post is about 27 great gift ideas for crochet lovers.

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Crochet “How To” Books

These Are basically Pattern/How to Books, made more for intermediate to advanced rather than a beginner. However, it is still great for a beginner for inspiration and motivation.

Harry Potter Crochet Pattern Book

This pattern book is seriously cool! Definitely one of my top crochet lover gift recommendations… that’s if they like Harry Potter. This book has a huge variety of patterns, even Ron Weasleys famous sweater!

Crochet Potted Plants Book

So they know how to crochet but can’t look after house plants? Then this is the book for them! Make your own very extremely low-maintenance plants, truly the serial plant killer’s dream.

Crochet Iconic Woman Book

Every woman is amazing, and every woman has another women icon who they admire. This book contains patterns to make the miniature iconic women who changed the history of the world for the good, from Rosa Parks to Greta Thunberg.

Crochet Kits

These kits contain everything you need to make the patterns, which is great for a newbie. The yarn comes with these sets so you don’t need to buy an entire ball of that color if you don’t have it. These are very cool kits to gift.

Tv Show Crochet Kits

Friends and The Office, two of the most iconic Tv shows of all time. These adorable crochet kits are perfect for TV Lovers

Movie Crochet Kits

I am pretty Everyone has a favorite famous movie series, Disney, Star Wars, or Marvel? These are great gifts for a crochet lover that is a movie nerd too!

Crochet Diaries and Planners

Crochet Planner and Diaries are actually handy for those larger crochet projects. If you know someone that constantly has a crochet project they are working on this will be very useful for them. They also come with funny little sayings which just makes it so much more fun.

Crochet Hooks

Useful Crochet Things

These items are extremely useful to every crochet lover, and some crochet lovers probably don’t even know that these handy items exist!

Yarn Ravel Bowl

These are so the yarn ball can unravel smoothly. The smoother the unravel the faster you can crochet. The rosewood or the Ceramic one are both very high quality and they really do make for a great gift, they are quite unique, very useful, and something that not everyone has!

Plastic Safety Eyes

If you are crocheting toys you are going to need these safety eyes. This kit has many different sizes and colors, it’s very useful for someone that crochets a lot of toys.

Crochet Blocking Board

This Crochet Blocking Board is definitely on every crocheter’s want list. A huge common problem in the world of crochet is your work being warped or curling in from the edges. The usual fix is to put heavy books on your work or to pin the work down on an old piece of styrofoam. This device is made specifically for this. This is especially handy for Granny Squares. I know this is on my Christmas list this year. It really is a super handy device.

Quirky Crochet Cups

Crochet night with a glass of wine, or crochet night with a cup of tea? These quirky crochet cups are perfect for those late nights finishing the latest crochet projects.

Useful Things for Crochet

Fancy Crochet Hooks

These are beautiful high-quality crochet hooks. My First Crochet Hook was one I bought from a thrift shop for 10cents, only 5 years later into my crochet journey I decided to shout myself some decent crochet hooks, and it’s honestly been one of my best purchases.

Elegant Crochet Hooks

Beautiful elegant Wooden Crochet Hook set or the Light up crochet hooks to help see stitches on darker yarn. These crochet hook sets definitely are something special that any crochet lover would truly love.

Yarn and Hook Storage Ideas

Large Storage Ideas

Wool and Yarn actually take up a lot more space than you would think, especially if you have a lot of different colors and types. These large storage ideas are a great addition to a crochet lovers craft room

Portable Storage Options

I love taking my crochet projects with me, on the bus, on the train, I will take my crochet project with me anywhere where I know I will have free time. These Portable cases are great to hold hooks, yarn, scissors, stitch markers, and the project its self.

High Quality Yarn and Wool

High-Quality Wool and Yarn

If you talk to any crochet lover, I am sure they will tell you how expensive wool and yarn can cost, they will also tell you how they are constantly buying the cheaper low-quality stuff to save money. So why not treat them to some merino or alpaca wool, very soft and high quality, this wool would definitely make a special gift and an even special crochet project

I hope you were able to find a great gift for a crochet lover from this list, anyway that’s all I have found, for now, I will be adding to these gift ideas for crochet lovers list as I find more items, that’s for sure! I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment or contact me via the contact page.

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