Blogging Goals for 2023 as a Super Small Lifestyle Blogger

I am going to talk about what I want to achieve with my blog by the end of 2023. As I am writing this it is getting towards the end of April which leaves me with 7 nearly 8 months to make my goals happen. I have had this blog for a while but never put time into it. So I decided for the rest of the year I will be putting more effort into blogging. I do love having a blog, and I love sharing information for the fun of it. As of April, I make $0 from blogging, which I don’t mind, but I have seen some amazing women out there making a full-time wage from their blogs every month. While for me at this stage that isn’t the goal, maybe next year that will be. For now, let’s talk about my goals for my blog this year.

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My Blogging Goals for 2023

Traffic Goals

These are my blogging traffic-related goals for 2023


Currently, I am sitting at around 4,000 sessions a month. I’m not complaining at all about these numbers as I haven’t invested much time into my blog. But the goal by the end of the year is to have 15,000 sessions monthly. I hope that this goal is achieved. For this, I will be working hard on my Pinterest to help achieve this. I actually got accepted into Ezoic with under 10k sessions which is amazing, if you are interested in applying for Ezoic you can apply with here

Pinterest Monthly Views

My Pinterest account has been sitting at around 350k – 400k monthly viewers for a while now. I really would love to get to 1 million monthly viewers by the end of the month. That would be amazing. To do this I will be making pins for old content as well as new. I also will be utilizing the idea pin feature and posting more videos.

Expand Niche

At the moment, my niche is Embroidery, crochet, sewing, and some random DIY, however, I would like to expand my niche to gardening, cleaning, recipes, and decor. I really want my blog to be a full lifestyle niche! This is because I have such great knowledge about these topics from working in garden centers, cafes, and hotels, and I think I have some good information that can be shared. And not only that, I will have more blogs to write. Expanding my niche will keep me busy, that’s for sure.

Keep a Diverse Traffic Source

Right now my traffic is 50% from Google and 50% from Pinterest, which I am extremely happy with, and I would like to maintain that by the end of the year, I hope to have a 50/50 ratio still for my traffic sources.

My Financial Blogging Goals

These are my financial goals for 2023. There aren’t many and they aren’t anything too impressive

Ezoic Ad Network

Ezoic is my ad network, which I am currently registered to, you can join here. This ad network Ezoic accepted me with under 10k sessions, I am not sure if they are still doing that. I am currently making about $10 a month from Ezoic which is quite good, if I was with Google Ad Sense that would be much much lower. I would like to be earning around $50 in ad revenue every month.


I still have no idea about affiliate marketing, but it is something I am very interested in learning about. So my goal is to make $20 from Affiliate links by the end of 2023. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

And those are my Blogging Goals for 2023…

Those are my goals for 2023 for my little blog. With consistency, I think they are achievable. I am prepared to have drops in traffic as well as increases, this is what blogging is all about after all. I hope you stay around and at the end of this month, I will be releasing my first traffic and income report! That’s super exciting, I can’t wait to put it out there. Look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Kate x

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