Spooky and Simple: 5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Adults

Spooky and Simple: 5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Adults

Halloween will be here in no time! Halloween is so much fun, I was never allowed to celebrate as a child so I really love to celebrate as an adult. there is no reason why adults can’t enjoy this holiday too! This article will cover some of my favorite Halloween crafts made just for adult Halloween lovers like myself! I will talk about wreaths, candle holders, planters, coasters, and vases. Make your house festive with these Halloween crafts for adults. Let’s get started!

5 easy Halloween crafts for adults

5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Adults

First on the list of Halloween Crafts for Adults is…

Snake Wreath or Spider Wreath

To make this wreath you need a few things:

  • A wreath
  • Black spray paint
  • plastic snakes or spiders (black or color of your choice )
  • Glue

This wreath is such an awesome way to add Halloween festiveness to your home! This craft is perfect for adults and doesn’t look childish at all.

To start making the snake wreath, spray paint the wreath black( paint in a well-ventilated area like outdoors), then simply super glue the plastic snakes weaving in and out and around the wreath to how you desire. Don’t is afraid to have fun with it. I like the entire wreath to be black which is why I chose black snakes but any colored snakes work. Martha Stweart made a great snake wreath! Check it out!


  • If you can’t find black snakes, just spray-paint those too!
  • Wait for the paint to completely dry before hot gluing
  • Try using other bugs and insects too like fake spiders or cockroaches.
  • Use different size plastic snakes
  • Try to make mini wreaths

Mummy Candle Holders

All Adults love candles, so Halloween candle crafts are a must on this list. These Mummy candle Holders can be placed on the table as a centerpiece or used for a bookshelf decoration, they can even make your bedroom festive if sat on your bedside table! You could even make larger versions with outdoor candles for your front porch.

For this craft you need

  • Glass Candle Holders
  • Gauze Bandages

simply wrap the gauze around the candle holder leaving some gaps so the light can flicker through. Remember only keep a candle on if you are present and able to keep an eye on it. This craft can be a fire hazard which is why it’s a Halloween craft for adults!


  • If you are worried about this being a fire hazard, use LED candles
  • Use brown eyeshadow to make the bandage seem old and dirty
  • Dye the bandage with coffee to give an old effect

Cat Planters

If you are a house plant lover you will love this Halloween craft. This craft can be a little messy so make sure you do this outside or on an old towel. If you can get past the messiness of it these black Cat planters are an awesome Halloween craft for us adults to DIY.

What you need:

  • Plant Pot
  • Black Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White Felt
  • Glue
  • White Paint

Start by painting the pot completely black and letting it dry, if the paint is thin do another coat. In the meantime cut out your felt. Cut out 2 triangles that are the same size for the ears and a circle for the nose.

Once the pot is dry glue on the felt pieces. Glue the triangles onto the pot, and glue them so they are half sticking out of the top of the pot. Stick on the nose

Then with the white paint draw on whiskers and eyes.

This DIY is so cool because the pot look and feels 3D with the felt and the pot. I will be making one for my mother this year who is an absolute cat lover!


  • Draw different types of eyes to make different emotions
  • Try painting a white and black pot, to give the effect of a black-and-white cat
  • Try different size pots
  • Make a cat family by painting different pots

Spider Web Coasters

If you like to throw Halloween parties then this craft is great. Make even your eating place festive with spider web coasters. These are super easy to make. It is a little messy so doing this outdoors is key or in a well-ventilated area.

What you need

  • Round cork coasters (available at most craft stores)
  • Black spray paint
  • White paint pen or white paint and a thin paintbrush

First, Spray paint your coasters, these might need more than one coat. Make sure you are painting outdoors or in a way ventilated area. Wait for the paint to completely dry between coats. Once the paint is dry, use the white to draw spider webs on the coasters. Start with a dot in the center and draw curved lines outwards to make a web pattern. Go to google images for help if you need some inspiration on what your web should look like.

Either way, I am sure the coasters will get your guests laughing and talking.


  • Wait for the paint to dry between coats
  • Put fake spiders on the table too
  • Silver webs instead of white look spooky too

Pumpkin Vase

It’s not really Halloween if you don’t do any pumpkin crafts right? For this craft, we will make a Halloween pumpkin vase. This is a table piece perfect for a Halloween party and will definitely get your guests raving.

For this craft you need

  • A Pumpkin
  • Flowers
  • Branches
  • Sharp Knife
  • Spoon

Firstly, put the top of your pumpkin and scoop the insides out. you know the drill, make sure the inside is clean and dry! With your flowers and branches trim them to be able to fit inside the pumpkin.

This creates a unique colorful centerpiece that will grab people’s attention


  • Try carving a pumpkin face out too
  • Use Flower foam inside the pumpkin to make the flowers and branches more stable
  • Add Fake Spiders to your flowers and branches to make this piece extra spooky
  • If your pumpkin doesn’t sit right, carve the bottom so it’s stable
  • Carve a face and have the flowers coming out of it
  • Put fake spider webs on the branches

And that are some easy Halloween Crafts for Adults

Remember Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. If you are reading this you are probably an adult that wants to enjoy the spooky season. I hope some of these crafts inspire you to create something spooky for this Halloween season.

5 easy Halloween crafts for adults

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