Looking for easy vegetables to grow for beginners? Look no further… Starting a vegetable garden can be daunting, well it was for me anyway, when I first started my vegetable garden, I had no idea when to grow, what to grow, or how to grow what. It was a mess, I was trying to grow everything at once. While some of the produce in my first year of vegetable gardening failed, it was still a rewarding experience, so I compiled a list of the veggies I found the easiest to grow as a beginner. The following list is vegetables anyone can grow, so if you are a beginner gardener, don’t worry, these veggies are pretty foolproof.

5 Easy Vegetables to Grow for Beginners

1: Lettuce

Not everyone loves lettuce, but it is super easy to grow, just make sure it’s protected from pesky birds, rabbits, or both! I lost most of my first harvest of lettuces to the neighborhood birds. Lettuce does grow pretty fast and it’s super rewarding to be able to make a sandwich using your own lettuce.

2: Peas

Peas grow like crazy once they get going, again you might need to watch for birds. Peas seriously sprout so much, you will have so many peas you will be having peas for every meal! With peas just watch the frost, but other than that these are foolproof to grow

3: Radish

You will be happy if you love Radishes, these are easy peasy lemon squeezy to grow. When I first started growing radishes I didn’t really know what to do with them once they were harvested. I researched a bunch of different recipes and now radish is an all-time favorite in my vegetable garden

4: Cucumber

I don’t know anyone that hates a cucumber. Cucumbers are mainly water, so don’t forget to water them, cucumbers grow quickly, they probably won’t look like the store-bought ones, super straight and perfect, but don’t be alarmed if yours is curved, thick, and spiky, these cucumbers taste even better than the store-bought ones.

5: Beetroot

Beets make a mess in the kitchen, not in the garden tho, this much like the radish is another easy grow. Beets grow a little bit slower than the other plants but are just as rewarding to grow.

I hope you got something from this list of easy vegetables to grow for beginners.

Vegetable gardening is truly very rewarding and more people should be doing it. Let me know how you do

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