7 Best Etsy Selling Tips That Will Get You Sales

Want to know Etsy Selling Tips to improve your Etsy shop? These are the 7 top tips that will help get you sales.

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Having an Etsy store is extremely exciting and challenging, and if you are anything like me, you are researching everything you need to know about selling on Etsy. As an Etsy store owner myself, I am giving you Etsy Selling Tips that help get me sales.

You are going to learn about Etsy Seo, item photography to the item description, and more.

After learning about these Etsy tips, you are going to see an improvement in your Etsy store that is sure to help with sales.

This post is about Etsy selling tips that will help get sales on Etsy.

These tips do not guarantee sales.




Etsy Title | How to write a Title for Etsy

Having a good product title is one of the most important things for your listing. To title your product correctly you will first need to do some research. Firstly look at how your competition has titles their items. It is important not to copy for word but you do want to be in the same category as them.

Now write down a collection of words. These words should be words people would search for to find your product. If your product has a unique name like “maggies mug” do not put this in the first part of your title.

Etsy titles can be quite long, we want to use all the space. You can separate words by commas, dashes, or lines.

Below are examples of good and bad product titles. We are selling mugs,


Good Title example: Ceramic Coffee Mug, Large Brown Mug, Hot Chocolate Mug, Kids Mug, Gifts for Friends, Tea Cup, Kitchen Decor

Bad Title example: Maggies New Mug for Coffee


You can easily tell the difference between the 2 titles. The good titles use keywords, The good titles have used all keywords that a person may search for when wanting to buy a mug. The likely hood of someone searching for a “maggies new mug” when wanting to buy a mug is very low.

Product Photography | How to take Good Product Photos

Product photos are a key part of the customers building trust with your shop. You don’t need fancy equipment to take pictures your phone should be fine.

To take good pictures I recommend a well natural lit area. The sun shouldn’t be shining on the object so much that it changes its color or has a reflection.

The background should be neutral and plain. We don’t want to take the attention away from the product we are selling.

Get all angles. Make sure you take all angles of the product. Up close, far away, side, back, front, it’s also good to take a picture with the product in use.

I don’t recommend editing your photos. However, if you need to, you can. Don’t overdo it tho. What is in the picture should be exactly what the customer is receiving.

Etsy Pricing | How to Price your Etsy Products

For pricing your product on Etsy you will need to go back and do your research again. Search for your product and see what your competitors are selling theirs for. Match their price or go slightly higher with free shipping, or slighting lower with paid shipping. However, don’t list your product price too low as people might think it is cheap, and don’t list it too high as people make think it’s a rip-off.

Etsy Description | How to Write an Etsy Description

Product description can be one of those things that close the sale. When writing your description you will want to focus on your keywords, just like how we focused on that in the title. You will also want to add in the category and tags.

The description should include

  • keywords, (same as the title, category, and tags, or similar)
  • Who the product would benefit and how
  • what the product is made out of, and when it was made
  • mention dimensions
  • production time and shipping times.

Make your description sound natural especially when adding in your keywords. We will use the title above to write a few lines of the description.

Title: “Ceramic Coffee Mug, Large Brown Mug, Hot Chocolate Mug, Kids Mug, Gifts for Friends, Tea Cup, Kitchen Decor”

“This Ceramic Coffee Mug is perfect for gifts for friends, It is ideal for a kids mug too! This Large Brown Mug will suit perfectly in any Kitchen Decor because of its simplicity…”


Notice how I have naturally used the keywords from the title.

Etsy Tags | Which Tags to use on your Products

Etsy tags are just keywords. You need to think like the person buying the product. What are they likely to search if they want your product.

Remember to use all of your tags. I recommend making the tags long-tailed

Below is an example


Bad tags – brown, mug, large, coffee mug

Good tags – large brown mug, ceramic large mug, mothers’ day mug, kitchen decor


Notice how the good tags have 2 to 3 words. The longer the words the easier it is to rank for. If you are stuck on tags look at your title and description for inspiration.

Shipping | How to Choose Shipping Rates

I believe that one of the most common reasons people don’t go through with a purchase is because of the shipping cost. If possible I recommend having free shipping, even if it means upping the cost of your product. If having free shipping isn’t an option, research your competition again and see what their shipping is, try to offer lower shipping than them. Remember to always be honest about shipping times, and always try to ship with a tracking number. This builds trust with your customer.

Marketing | How to Market your Products

I only market my products in one place and that is Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account. I highly recommend making one. Most of my sales come from Pinterest. Marketing on Pinterest means you will need good photos as that is what people focus on. As for the title and description of the pin. You can use your Etsy one but change it slightly for Pinterest SEO. Utilize group boards, for example, if I was selling the mug from the example. I would search for a board called, “Etsy gifts, mothers’ day gifts, kitchenware” Any category that your mug could fit into could be a potential sale.  Another post on that later…


This post has been Etsy Selling Tips, this post covered writing Etsy titling, Etsy Description, marketing, and more. Hopefully, this post will help you get more sales!

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