The Best Fast Growing Winter Vegetables

So you want to grow veggies in winter, but you want them to be fast growing? Believe it or not, fast growing winter vegetables actually exist! This is a list of 9 fast-growing winter vegetables, so you are constantly harvesting in the winter months.


Number 9 on the list of fast growing winter vegetables is…

Cherry Tomatoes

When someone says cherry tomatoes, my mind goes to Summer time, but these can be grown in Winter too, just protect them from the frost. Cherry Tomatoes are a fast-growing vegetable ready in 3-7 weeks

8: Peas

Peas and snow peas are great fast growing winter vegetables. A little tip to get the most out of your peas in winter is to pick the peas and the pods daily, this encourages new growth, much like taking flower heads from flowers. Should be ready in around 10 weeks

7: Green Onions (Just the Stalk)

Growing up my mother always cut green onion stalks to use as a garnish in our winter soups. It takes a long time to produce a full onion, but there are no rules against using the stalks, usually ready in about 4-5 weeks

6: Kale

Not everyone loves this super food, but it is a great super fast winter grower and can actually be planted all year round, takes around 2 months to fully mature

5: Bok Choy

This winter veggie is quick! Becoming mature in only 30 days! Bok Choy goes well in winter soups too

4: Radish

Radishes are sturdy vegetables, very simple to grow, and usually ready at around 6 weeks. If you are a beginner vegetable grower, I do recommend giving radish growing a chance.

3: Baby Carrots

People use carrots in nearly every meal, so baby carrots being fully matured in 2 months is the best news for winter soup lovers

2: Spinach

Much like Bok Choy spinach is ready in only 1 Month, This is one of the super fast-growing winter vegetables and is overall pretty foolproof too. Just protect from pesty birds, and rabbits

Number one on the list of fast growing winter vegetables is…


The fastest of them all is lettuce. People often think Lettuce can only be grown in the summer but if protected from the frost it can be grown in the winter too. Lettuce takes roughly 3 weeks to be ready for harvesting!

Having a winter garden that is constantly ready for harvesting is so rewarding, I love being able to make winter dishes, soups, and casseroles using most of the plants on this list because they are so fast growing!

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