How to Make Compost

This blog post is about how to make compost. Making compost seems terrifying at first, but really it is simple and takes no work or effort at all. Once I started making compost, I can’t imagine life without it. It’s so good at getting rid of food scraps and grass clippings.

To make good compost, you need a 50:50 mix of materials. these materials should be rich in nitrogen and carbon. Nitrogen comes from green things like grass clippings, which we call this green material, while carbon comes from cardboard, and woody materials. We like to call carbon material brown material when it comes to composting

For every bucket of green material, match it with a bucket of brown material. People often struggle to find brown material, but things like cut-up cardboard, and egg cartons, all work great.


What you need:

  • Bin with a lid and no Bottom
  • Sunny area
  • Garden Fork


Place the compost bin directly onto the soil. You want the worms and other bugs to be able to crawl into the compost. To keep rodents out you can use some chicken wire at the bottom. Before I added chicken wire to my compost bin, I had rats living in there for an entire year.

Step 2

Add your 50/50 brown to green material. Turn this mixture with a garden fork to help speed up the process. Once my bin was established, I added my leftover food every day and added cardboard, and other brown material when I had it, and every Weekend I mixed it with a fork.

Step 3

Once the mixture turns brown and crumbly, the process is complete! This should take around 6 months, depending on how hot it is, how often it’s mixed, and the items you are composting.

Enjoy making your compost, it is such little work for a big reward.

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