How to Sell Your Crafts on Facebook

How to sell your crafts on Facebook

This post is about how to sell your crafts on Facebook

Facebook is a massive social network that has added the marketplace feature. A marketplace is a place where people can buy and sell items. Nearly anything can be sold on Facebook including handmade crafts.

When selling on Facebook remember it is very difficult to build a brand and establish a name. Facebook is a better place to make some extra money rather than make a name for your craft business. If you still want to sell crafts on Facebook, make sure you have a business Facebook page and when you list your items, make sure they are listed under your business page.


Facebook is mainly used to sell second-hand items for a good price. So when titling you will need to be aware of what type of things people are searching for. For example, you could be selling birdhouses. People would search for birdhouses, so an appropriate title would be birdhouse, or big birdhouse, or white birdhouse. Keep it simple.


In the description be very descriptive. Talk about the color, weight, height, shipping costs, if you allow pickups if you drop off, the material it’s made out of. Keep your back story to things like a business page. you can give a little back story about your item but don’t go into too much detail. People buying things on Facebook are likely to skim over this, as they are looking for a quick buy and not a brand they can trust.


When you are selling on Facebook, people will try to bargain with you. When listing your item=, set the price higher than what you actually want for it then you can be bargained down and the buyer will think its a great deal

Facebook Groups

You can share your listing in Facebook groups. I recommended doing this. Make sure you share your listing in the appropriate groups to avoid getting marked as spam. There are many buy and sell groups on Facebook. Remember to only promote in groups that are within your location.

Business Page

When setting up your business page make sure you do it completely. Include contact information and links to your Instagram or other media. Advertise your products on your Facebook page as well. Comment on other businesses or people’s photos and take part in conversations to get people curious about your page.

To conclude Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell your crafts online for some extra cash, however, it is not ideal if you are trying to build a brand or a business. Having a business page is a great idea and promoting your listings in groups will get you a couple of sales but for your company to e rememberable, you will need your own website or to be using a platform only for buying and selling such as Etsy.

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