How to Stop Art Block with These 5 Ideas

You must be reading this article if you want to know how to stop art block! Art block happens to everyone. When people think of art block they think this only counts for people that paint or draw, but art block goes for any craft. This includes Painting, sewing, embroidery, woodwork, and anything where a person creates something! While people probably just call it a lack of creativity you probably are experiencing some art block!

The Definition of Art block

stop of flow in creativity and ideas, and a lack of motivation and inspiration to create art, write, or make.

The cause of Art Block

Nobody is really sure what causes this phenomenon but I believe it is from being scared to fail or making a bad piece of your craft. I often get art block after I have been working constantly on something for weeks and finally finish it. I often don’t have enough spark to start the next project.

How to stop art block

So now you think you have art block and are wanting to know how to stop art block?

Here are some ways to get your creativity flowing and back on track to making masterpieces in whatever your craft may be.

Idea 1: Drawing helps everyone

Drawing even if you don’t draw.

Draw loosely, Doodle Freely on a piece of paper. If your medium of choice is paints, clay, embroidery, etc, it never hurts to freely draw. Doing this opens your mind and gets you in a more creative mood.

Idea 2: Look at the Inspiration

Look at the inspiration that got your inspired in the first place!

Look at inspiration, and watch other artists paint, draw and create. Watching anyone create will surely inspire you. The artist of choice doesn’t have to be a professional, even a beginner artist will do. You can also watch art vlogs, like setting up my art studio and going shopping for art supplies, and sewing supplies. Watch any inspirational videos in your niche.

Idea 3: Go Shopping

Buy new art supplies.

Try treating yourself to new crafts and art supplies. They do not have to be expensive, but even new pencils a new paintbrush, new wool, and new needles. Having new supplies to work with can spark excitement for your next creation.

Idea 4: Be a CopyCat

Copy another artist’s artwork. This sounds bad but hear me out. This is just to help stop art block, it’s not like you are selling it!

This doesn’t have to be good, but at least it will get you painting. Find a piece of art you love and copy that. For example, if you like Vincent van Gogh’s starry night, try to re-make that piece of art. You can use an old canvas that can be painted over. I actually have a canvas that I paint over again and again. I call it my practice canvas. If sewing is your thing, make a pattern from your favorite top or dress. If Embroidery is your thing, check out the talented artists on Etsy and have a crack at their designs.

Idea 5: Try Something that isn’t your Usual.

Try a different craft that isn’t your usual go to

Try to create art in a different medium or craft. If you draw, try to paint, if you paint in oil, try watercolor, and vice versa, this will force you to be creative and loosen up. this will definitely be difficult for most and after attempting you will feel so much more confident in your own medium. If you are a sewer, try crochet, if you like embroidery try sewing. Being more open to more than one medium or craft definitely will loosen you up and get the creativity flowing.

I hope you try out these tips on How to stop art block!

Remember Art block will pass, it feels like ultimate torture on the brain at the time, but you will overcome it. Artblock happens to the best artists and it can help develop your style and advance your craft. Keep crafting and stay creating!

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