How To Regrow Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

With the cost of living soaring so high right now, learning to regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps actually isn’t a bad thing. Regrowing vegetables is so easy to do and requires no space at all, so if you are living in a flat, dorm room, or apartment, regrowing vegetables from kitchen scarps is very doable. To regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps you need patience because some vegetables take longer than others. I have compiled a list that is most easy to regrow from your scraps.

The 3 Methods for Regrowing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

There are three main methods for regrowing vegetables. These regrowing methods can actually be used for any plant, we call this propagation which is actually what you are redoing when you regrow a vegetable. It is a fun experiment to see which method grows the fastest. This is also great for kids to learn how things grow and how fast things grow.

1: Water Method

Place the end cutting off the vegetable you want to regrow in water, you can use tooth pics to hold it out of the water a bit. Don’t fully submerge the vegetable cutting. Change the water every 3 days. Keep in a sunny spot. Growing speeds are different for each vegetable. The vegetables should root pretty quickly, and then new growth should be seen. With this method, you can let the plant grow in the water, or once the roots are large enough and there is new growth you can transfer this to a soil pot. This method can be used for large seeds (avocados) and bulbs.

2: Wet Napkin Method

Place the end of the vegetable cutting in a wet napkin. Keep this wet and place it in a sunny location. Once roots are visible transfer to a soil pot. This method can be used for seeds and bulbs

3: Straight into Soil Method

Place the end cutting of the vegetable you want to regrow directly into the soil, don’t fully submerge the cutting in the soil. Just make sure the end of the root is in the soil. The top of the cutting should be visible. Water daily depending on temperature and place in a sunny spot. This method can be used for seeds and bulbs

8 Vegetables you can Regrow from Kitchen Scraps.


Probably one of the easiest and fastest on the list. Don’t throw out your bottoms, put them in a glass of water and watch the magic happen. Cut about two inches of the bottom of the celery stalk, and place that in water. Don’t have it fully submerged in water, you want only the bottom part to be in the water. I have seen some people use tooth pics to hold it a bit out of the water. Celery can start to grow in about 5-7 days!


This is basically the same method as with celery. Cut about two inches above the bottom stumpy bit of the lettuce and place the bottom in water, you can use toothpicks by piercing the lettuce sitting the tooth pics on the side of the water jar to hold it a bit out of what. Be patient and let the magic happen


This one is hassle-free. Get about one-quarter of a potato and make sure it has a root eye. Now place it in the garden with the root eye facing up and be patient. This should root and start growing potatoes. It takes a potato to make a potato


Wrap a garlic glove in a damp paper towel, and place this in sunlight in roughly 3 days the clove should begin to sprout and this can be planted. Unlimited garlic hack!


You either hate coriander or love it and can not get enough of it. You can regrow your coriander so you basically have unlimited stock. Simply cut a healthy stem about 5 inches, just below the leaves, and place the bottom of the stem in water. New growth should sprout. Make sure to place the water and coriander in a sunny spot. The sunlight will help it thrive

Green Onions

Green Onions are an amazing garnish and even better when you can regrow them yourself. Simply cut off the end of the green onion bulb, leaving roots attached, and place that in water in a sunny location. Change the water if your cutting gets moldy. Be patient and watch the green onion sprout


This is pretty much the same method as the green onion but leeks tend to grow a lot slower. Cut off the end of the leek, the hard whitish part, and place that in water, in a sunny area. Leeks grow a lot slower than the rest of these hacks, so be patient and you will be back making winter leek soup in no time


Mint is ridiculously easy to grow. In fact, I consider mint a weed and I recommend planting it into a pot and not into the ground for this reason. Mint grows like crazy and will literally take over your garden. Firstly get a piece of mint with the stem on it and place it in water, this will get roots fairly quickly, and you then can transport this to your soil pot and watch it grow like mad.

Are you Ready to Start Regrowing?

These are the easy things that can be regrown from vegetable scraps but really anything can be grown. When you buy vegetables you tend to deseed them, de-stalk them, etc. The Seeds and stalks are all you need to regrow any vegetable. So next time you think about adding the seeds and stalks to the kitchen scraps try using one of the three methods to regrow and regenerate an edible vegetable from the seed. It takes time but is a lot easier than it seems.

Happy gardening.

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