What to Use for Mulch and How to Use It?

Mulching in your garden will make your gardening journey a whole lot easier, trust me on this, mulching my garden has been an absolute game changer, and a time saver. It really transformed my garden. So you are convinced to start mulching but you might be asking yourself what to use for mulch. Before we get to that part, why don’t we discover what it is and its benefits of it?

What to use for Mulch, and how to use it

What is Mulching?

Mulch is any material used to cover the area of the garden around the plants. This doesn’t matter if it’s contributing to the soil’s nutrients or not. As long as it is covering the soil area around the plants.

Why it’s good?

  • Keeps Moisture in
  • Keeps Soil nutrients
  • Regulates soil Temperature,
  • Prevents Weed Growth

What are the types?

There are two main types of mulch, one is organic and inorganic. Organic is a mulch that contributes to the nutrients of the soil by decomposing over time. This is things like straws, etc. Inorganic is a mulch that doesn’t contribute to the soil’s nutrients but still covers the soil area and helps with moisture, and temperature, and prevents weed growth, such as weed mat.

What to use for Mulch?


  • Straw
  • SugarCane
  • Bark
  • Coconut Husk
  • WoodChips
  • Grass Clippings


  • Gravel and pebbles
  • Weedmat
  • newspaper

Choosing what to use for mulch and how to use it

It is common to use both methods or more than one type of mulch at one time. People will often put down a weed mat before putting down bark, or straw. Remember that because organic mulch decomposes, it will need topping up regularly which is an extra cost. Whilst inorganic mulch doesn’t contribute to soil nutrients it is a lot less work long term.

Hopefully, this gave you some confidence to start mulching your garden! I know mulching my garden was a massive game changer and time saver.

What to use for Mulch, and how to use it

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