9 Free Valentine’s Day Hand Embroidery Patterns

Love is in the air! Get Festive with one of these 9 free Valentine’s Day hand embroidery patterns. From embroidery hearts to roses pretty in pink and red, there surely must be something for your liking.

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Free Valentine’s Day Hand Embroidery Patterns

Let’s get started with the list. Here are some useful hand embroidery stitch tutorials to help with these patterns

1. All you need is Love Hoop Art

“All you need is Love” hand embroidery pattern by Riley Blake Designs is the perfect fit for Valentine’s Day, find the free pattern here.

2. Floral Heart Embroidery Hoop

Flowers and hearts, what could be more lovely! Check out this hand embroidery pattern by Polkadotchair. This pattern is free and includes a free step-by-step tutorial, suitable for all embroidery levels. Check it out here

3. Vibrant Heart Embroidery

Here is a design with a splash of color, so eye-catching and vibrant. I love it. This is a free pattern and tutorial by “gathered. how”. Check it out here

If you are truly struggling with finding colors that go well together, why not buy a Valentine’s Day embroider kit? This kit comes with step-by-step instructions and everything you need to complete this beautiful design.

This Kit is super affordable and has everything you need to complete this design for Valentine’s Day!

4. Blooming Heart Vintage Embroidery

Check out these free vintage heart embroidery patterns. The stitches you could use to create this pattern are endless, have fun and get stitching! Find the free hand embroidery pattern here

5. Valentine’s Day Jar Embroidery

These are so easy and cute, check out this free embroidery Valentine’s Day jar embroidery thanks to Briannalentz. Check out the pattern and tutorial here

6. Bee Mine Hand Embroidery

Bee Mine? Want to pop the question on Valentine’s Day? Try this cute hand embroidery pattern, credit to stitchdoodles for giving us this pattern and tutorial for free. Get it here

7. Love is All you Need!

Inspired by the beetles, this love is all you need hand embroidery Valentine’s Day hoop is perfect for embroiderers of any level. I just love how a patterned background is used to make the words pop. check out the free pattern and tutorial at meyouandmagoo.

8. Sweet Heart

Try this pattern! The stitches that could be used are endless, get creative with the colors and have fun, here is the link to the free pattern.

9. Love Pillow

Get a free embroidery pattern and a free tutorial on how to make the pillow! A great gift for Valentine’s Day or just something for the house every day. Find the amazing tutorial and pattern here

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