Valentine’s Day Heart Embroidery | How to Embroider a Heart

If you are reading this, it probably means that Valentine’s Day is coming up which means it’s the season of hearts, love, red, and pink. For Valentine’s Day, I thought I would go over 8 ways to make rustic hand-embroidery hearts perfect for the Valentine’s Day season. Let’s begin,

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8 Ways to Make Rustic Hand Embroidery Hearts

These hand embroidery hearts are completely beginner-friendly and include a step-by-step tutorial (some listed in different blog posts ) on how to complete the stitch.


These are the basic supplies you need, I will list a few of my favorites below and the ones I recommend for making hand embroidery rustic hearts.

  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Scissors

The best colors for the season of love.

Honestly having cute accessories makes any hobby just that much more enjoyable. I love the bird-shaped scissors and have this exact pair! They are great scissors so definitely go for it!

Sharp Needles with Large eyes, this is something you won’t regret! My eyesight isn’t the best so having needles that are sharp and needles that have large eyes, make it so much easier to use and thread.

1. Back Stitch Embroidery heart

To do this simple heart, you will need to learn the backstitch. This is a very simple stitch. Easily made by bringing your needle up and then back down, making a short line, then the same distance away bringing the needle back up from the back and connecting it back to the end of the last stitch. Follow this around the pattern until the heart outline is full.

2. Weaved Embroidery heart

Let’s try a weaved heart school. Most of us probably learned about weaving in school, over and under, over and under, again and again until the weave is complete. We are going to do that technique but with embroidery. To start make even vertical lines across your heart pattern, make sure they are semi-evenly space, doesnt have to be perfect. Now make the horizontal lines but weave the floss under and over the original vertical lines. Once you are happy with how many stitches there are, the heart is complete.

3. Chain Stitch Embroidery heart

To do this heart you will need to learn the chain stitch. I will give a brief description, but you can find a full in-depth tutorial here Hand Embroidery Letters | HOW TO Tutorial | Beginner Guide.

To make a chain stitch, make a back stitch, with the next stitch placed in the middle of the last stitch, between the floss strands. Carry around the outside of the heart until the outline is complete.

4. Double Stem Stitch Embroidery Heart Design

For this Embroidery heart, you will need to learn eh stem stitch. For the in-depth tutorial, step by step with pictures, check this blog post Hand Embroidery Letters | HOW TO Tutorial | Beginner Guide. Here is a brief description of the stem stitch.

Make a back stitch, for the next stitch, and it to the side of the previous stitch slightly pushing the floss to the side to make a subtle curve. The stem stitch is great at making very lovely curves. Complete one larger heart and then complete a smaller heart inside the larger one.

5. Solid Embroidery Heart

To complete this stitch, you need to know the satin stitch and the stem stitch.

Full the entire heart pattern with a simple satin stitch and then go around the outside of the heart with the stem stitch. For the satin stitch, make a large stitch from one side of the pattern to the other, following the border closely. keep the floss in the same direction so you get straight vertical lines. Then simply complete the border with the stem stitch as we learned above.

Here are some useful articles to complete this heart.

6. French Knot Heart

The French Knot heart uses the French knot stitch. Here is an article on how to make a French knot. I will give you a brief description to help you. How To Make The Perfect French Knot in Seconds

Bring the needle up from the back of the fabric, wrap the floss around the needle twice, and then push the needle back through the same hole, or as close to the hole as possible. Make sure to keep the same tension, so the knot doesn’t become loose or too tight.

Finish the heart by making a border of French knots, or even make French knots to fill the entire heart too, just like I did in the article below.

7. Weaved but not Weaved Heart

This heart looks weaved but isn’t. To start this heart make diagonal lines starting on one side at the bottom, fill the heart with these even space diagonal lines, then complete the other side of the heart, start at the bottom, and work our way up. This gives a woven effect without weaving.

8. Diagonally Lined Heart

In the heart, the floss is splayed out. The floss always leads back to one point at the bottom tip of the heart. Make simple line stitches always starting at the bottom tip. Carefully follow the border. Complete the heart so there are no gaps, or leave some gaps between the stitches the choice is yours!

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Kits

These kits provide everything that you need to produce any of these designs. Try it today.

Flowers and hearts, this kit is great for learning floral embroidery stitches all while producing a beautiful heart embroidery design for Valentine’s Day.

8 Rustic Embroidery Hearts

That’s the tutorial, so which heart will you be embroidering for this Valentine’s Day? They are all pretty cute and rustic. These hearts are beginner-friendly and make the cutest add-on to bags, shirts, jeans, pillows, and even just in a frame on the wall. Let me know how your Valentine’s Day goes. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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