Beginner Tutorial for How to Stitch a Hand Embroidery Heart

The Hand Embroidery Heart

In this beginner-friendly tutorial for a hand embroidery heart, I will show you two basic stitches that are great for stitching a hand embroidery heart and can be diverse for any other shape you want. I chose hearts as I think they are sweet and look awesome to stitch on clothes for extra cute details.’

The Embroidery Hearts

What you need:

For this tutorial beginner tutorial for how to stitch a hand embroidery heart, you will need,
An embroidery hoop, the fabric of your choice, embroidery floss and needle, scissors, pencil.

Set up:

Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop and tighten. To draw the hearts you can get a template online or you can freehand. In this tutorial I freehanded it.

Draw your hearts and after that cut a decent amount of embroidery floss. The length of the thread depends on the size you want your hand embroidery heart or shape to be. Thread your needle For this tutorial, I used the full six strands of floss. Don’t be afraid to try with different numbers of strands. We are now ready to begin making the hand embroidery heart.

French Knot Hand Embroidery Heart:

The french knot is one of the most common embroidery stitches, however, it can take a little practice. Don’t be put off if you can’t get it the correct way the first time. It’s very simple to undo and start again.

Firstly bring the needle up through the back of the fabric.
Wrap the thread around the needle two to three times.
Push the needle back through where it originally came from.
Hold and pull slightly the slack of the thread to tighten it.
Push the needle right through to the back and you should be left with a cute little knot.

Repeat the previous stitch until the entire heart or shape is completed.

Your completed hand embroidery heart should look similar to this.

Satin Stitch Hand Embroidery Heart:

This next stitch is very common as well. This stitch is mainly used to create a solid shape in embroidery. This stitch is extremely easy and doesn’t take much time at all

For this stitch, I like to draw guidelines. Since the satin stitch is just straight lines it’s important not to go crooked.
At your chosen starting point at one of the edges, bring your floss and needle up from the back.

then insert the needle back into the fabric in the other side of the shape or heat making a straight line.

It is important to make sure your line is straight and not diagonal because statin stitches should be straight up and down. This is why it’s recommended to draw guidelines before you start.
Now repeat this process until the shape is complete. Be sure to follow the outline tightly to ensure accuracy.
In the end, your finished design should be solid and completely filled.

Your completed hand embroidery hearts should look similar to this.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful, remember these stitches are diverse and can be used for almost anything. I would love to see your hand embroidery hearts.

Happy Embroidering

Missy Kate Creations

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