How To Make The Perfect French Knot in Seconds

The French Knot is one of the most common stitches in hand embroidery. They are very simple and look great in floral embroidery. This Stitch can be done very quickly and can be mastered with not much practice at all.

In this tutorial I am using the full 6 strands of embroidery floss. 

Three French Knots for a Rose Center

To Start your French Knot

>Thread your needle and knot off the end of the floss.  For a beginner, use quite a decent length of embroidery floss. This will be easier to wrap around the needle which we will do later on.

>Bring your needle up through the back of the fabric where you want the knot to go

>Wrap the embroidery floss around the needle 2 to 3 times. 

>Push the needle back into the fabric

>Hold the embroidery floss gently whilst you pull the entire length of floss through.

You should now have a perfect French knot. It may take a couple of goes to completely master this type of hand embroidery stitch. Once mastered it will definitely be one of your most-used stitches, especially in floral embroidery.

Common Problem

Not using enough strands of floss. If your needle is bigger than the floss, the knot can end up going through to the back of the fabric rather than sitting on the surface. To fix this, simply use a skinnier needle ore use more strands of embroidery floss. With practice you will most likely come across this problem. It is very easy to fix and the knot can be easily un-done so your work wont be ruined.

Tips and Tricks

>Try holding different tensions on the floss for different looking knots.

>Don’t wrap the floss around the needle more than 3 times.

>Don’t Wrap the floss around the needle less than 2 times.

>Push the needle back through the same hole ore very very close to the same hole the needle came out of.

>For a floral effect try doing many French knots together.

>For other Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Happy Embroidering

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