How to Make DIY Fabric Stiffener | Fool-Proof Method

Fabric Stiffener is seriously expensive. With this cheap, simple solution you can easily meet all your craft needs at a fraction of the price. So how can one exactly make this DIY Fabric Stiffener? Let’s talk about it…

diy fabric stiffener

DIY Fabric Stiffener

This DIY fabric stiffener only needs 2 ingredients which are great, but the best part is the things you need you probably already have!

What you need

  • PVA Glue – This should be white PVA glue that dries clear! This is one of the cheapest glues out there
  • Water

This is a simple easy, quick way to make fabric stiffener. Commercial fabric stiffener can cost you a lot and it can be hard to find in shops. Follow this tutorial for a foolproof way to stiffen your fabric.


  1. Mix equal parts PVA glue and equal parts water in a bowl.
  2. Mix this until its completely combined
  3. Submerge the fabric completely in the solution
  4. Take the fabric out of the solution and wipe the extra paste. Do this over the same bowl or a piece of newspaper to avoid the mess
  5. Lay the fabric in the shape you want it to be
  6. Air dry, or speed the process of drying by using a hair drying
  7. Once completely dry the fabric should be stiff and the shape you desire.

Tricks and Tips for the Best DIY Fabric Stiffener

  • For slightly less stiffened fabric add more water and less PVA glue!
  • Make sure the fabric has been completely submerged on both sides
  • Let it fully dry for 24 hours before using it for your crafting project

And that’s how you can make your very own DIY Fabric Stiffener!

It truly is a very easy method and works as a treat for nearly every type of fabric. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments about how this DIY went for you. Happy Crafting!

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diy fabric stiffener


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