How to Propagate a Monstera Deliciosa and Free Care Guide

The Monstera Deliciosa is a super popular houseplant, first being popular in the 70s, it made a comeback in 2020. This is a guide for how to care for and how to propagate a monstera Deliciosa so you can get the best out of your plant baby.

How to Care for and propagate a monstera

The Monserta Deliciosa / Swiss Cheese Plant

The monstera is native to Mexico and can be identified by its large holey heart-shaped leaves, a younger plant will be heart-shaped but tend to have no holes. The Monstera is also known as the Fruit Salad plant because it can produce fruit when grown wild outdoors. It is also commonly known as the Swiss chess plant.

How to Care for Your Monstera Deliciosa

When to water

Water once half of the soil is dry, when it comes to monsteras it is better to underwater than overwater, as root rot is common. If the leaves are floppy and droopy, this is a sign of underwatering, if the leaves are yellow, this is a sign of over-watering.

What about Sunlight

This plant needs bright indirect light, These plants can actually sunburn very easily, I learned that the hard way… Placing the plant in a low-light zone will also stunt growth. Finding the right balance of light is key

Should you use a mist?

The Monsteras love to be misted. It is a tropical plant so this replicates the tropical feel. Misting helps to encourage new growth and can help unfurl new leaves faster. Mist a few times a week, maybe more in summer depending on temperature, and once a week in winter

Adding fertilizer

Don’t waste your time with fertilizer in winter, this plant goes dormant and just rests. So use fertilizer in spring and summer. Don’t over-fertilize and cause the soil to rot.

How to Propagate a Monstera

So you want to propagate your monstera? Maybe to sell, or to give away, or so you can add another one to your collection. Propagating a monstera is actually really easy! There are three main steps for successful monstera propagation, but first, you will need to know how to cut the monstera so the cutting can propagate.

Where to Cut Your Monstera to make a cutting

Cut it below the node, the node is the bumpy thing closer to the bottom of the stem. The cutting should have at least one fully formed leaf attached to it.

How to Propagate a Monstera Step 1:

Cut a stem, that has several nodes or leaves, and place it in water. Use a clear jar so you can easily see root growth

How to Propagate a Monstera Step 2:

Once there is a lot of root growth ( around 3 weeks ) you can remove the monstera stem from the water and pot it, make sure the pot is the appropriate size and you use well-draining soil.

How to Propagate a Monstera Step 3:

Be patient, your new monstera might not flourish straight away, but give it love, time, and care, and I’m sure it will produce new growth in no time. Don’t forget Monstera goes dormant in the winter months, so if you are seeing no new growth or progress this could be a reason why.

How much does a Monstera Sell for

I bought my first monstera from a lady that propagated house plants to sell. I was looking back on the photos and it was so tiny I can’t believe how big it grew in just two years. The going rate for a baby monstera ranges but is about $20. You can buy and Sell from the Facebook marketplace.

Thats All For Now

The monstera is one of the most beautiful house plants out there, with the proper time, care, and love this plant can easily thrive and can even be propagated, for-profit, and just for yourself. It is easy to see why the monstera is a favorite of so many.

How to Care for and propagate a monstera

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