Cat and Dog Friendly Indoor Plants ( TOP 10)

This blog post is about cat and dog friendly indoor plants. Cats and Dogs are constantly getting up to no good with indoor plants and plants in general, whether that be digging in the dirt, knocking them over, or biting the leaves. Pets can be a nuisance to our beloved plants but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the toxicity of our plants for our pets.

My house cat is very very playful when it comes to my house plants and is always biting into them! I had to get rid of a few house plants, once I learned they were toxic to cats and pets in general.

I thought I would compile a list of all cat and dog-friendly indoor plants

cat and dog friendly indoor plants

Cat and Dog Friendly Indoor plants

1: First on the list of cat and dog friendly indoor plants is… Baby Tears

These ground-covering plants are gorgeous because they cover the dirt they might discourage soil digging. I like to hang my baby tears in a hanging pot, but they are great in terrariums too.

When to Water – these plants are thirsty and don’t like dry soil, once you see it wilt, water it

2: Chinese Money Plant

The look of these is stunning, with their rounded thick leaves and umbrella look and the best thing that I love about Chinese money plants is that they are cat and dog friendly indoor plants. These plants can survive in any condition too, a winner plant all around.

cat and dog friendly indoor plants

When to water – Let the soil dry out and then water deeply

3: Spider Plant

Fast Growing, easy maintenance, and pet safe, what more could one ask for? Spider plants propagate like crazy making them cute gifts for your friends with pets too.

When to Water – 1-2 weeks.

4: Venus Fly Trap

I always have trouble keeping this one alive, and my cat is fascinated with it, but that is okay because it is non-toxic. These plants need constantly damp soil that is well draining

When to water- keep soil constantly damp

5: Boston Fern

These plants have luscious fern-like leaves that look beautiful in any corner of your home. A plus side is that they are pet safe, the downside is that they are fussy, and their care is essential. The Boston Fern-like constantly damp soil and well-draining soil

When to water- keep soil constantly damp

6: Calathea

This plant has such an array of stunning colors, when I learned it was pet safe I was truly overjoyed as it’s one of my favorites in my collection. These are insanely easy to care for and survive under any conditions

When to Water – when soil is dry

7: Polka Dot Plant

If you like the polka dot plant you will be happy to hear this is pet safe, however with this plant root rot is very common! So water only when the first inch of soil is dry

When to water – an inch of soil is dry

8: Air Plants

These are probably the easiest plants in the entire world to care for, and air plants being cat and dog friendly indoor plants makes them 100 times better. These are so easy to care for because they only need a soak once a month and don’t have soil, no need to worry about drainage or repotting

When to water – soak for 2 hours once a month

9: Peperomia

This plant can stand all conditions, even your pets… In my home for some reason this is my cat’s favorite okay to play with, and occasionally knock over. My cat hasn’t killed it yet though, making it truly immortal

When to water- every 1-2 weeks

10: Last on the list of Cat and Dog Friendly Indoor Plants is the ponytail palm

This plant looks so different and is basically a mini tree. They love bright sunny locations so no need to worry your cat can sunbathe right next to this beauty! these only need water every 1-2 weeks or when the topsoil dries out

When to water – once one inch of soil dries out

Thanks for reading Top 10 cat and dog friendly indoor plants

I hope this blog has inspired you to keep some cat and dog friendly indoor plants in your home! Not all of them are toxic. Happy plant shopping and keep your furry friends safe.

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