7 Flowers that Bloom all year round

It is every gardener’s dream to have a magical, colorful garden all year round. With this list of flowers that bloom all year round, this can be achieved! Just a reminder some of these flowers might not be available in your country. I am sure there must be something on this list that can be planted for your evergreen flower garden in your country.

Flowers that bloom all year round

1: Rose

Roses are so majestic and available in an assortment of different colors. Roses can bloom all year round. They do take a little bit of knowledge and care if you want them to really flourish and bloom. If you are looking for year-round color, plant some roses, and you won’t be disappointed.


2: Euphorbia milii

Milii, or the christ plant. The Christ Plant was named as it was associated with the crown of thorns worn by Christ because It has thorns and is red and pink, the bloody color gives the impression of the bloody thorn crown worn by Jesus.

3: Kalanchoe

This plant can be kept indoors or outdoors, I personally keep mine indoors and it truly does bloom all year round and it has gorgeous purple and pink flowers. One of my favorite facts about this plant is that it’s been to outer space.


4: Jasmine

Who doesn’t love a jasmine shrub? The flowers look so delicate like lovely white snow, and the fragrance of jasmine is lovely too. Because these flowers bloom all year round, which means flowers can be cut and used all year round. Your house could truly smell amazing all year!


5: Golden Trumpet (Allamanda cathartica)

The name is really how it looks. This flower is native to Brazil. If you want a shrub of this beauty, remember to prune it, if not pruned it can grow around 20 feet.

golden trumpet

6: Snap Dragons

Snap Dragons are one of my favorite flowers, not because they look like a dragon up close, it is because they look gorgeous from far away. I love the effect these flowers have in the garden, they truly make a garden look magical

7: Lantana

The Evergreen Shrub. Lantanas flowers are very aromatic and come in colors red, yellow, blue, and white. Such a nice variety of colors. The flowers also typically change color when they mature.

Did your favorite flower make the list of flowers that bloom all year round?

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