Teacup Bird Feeder DIY | HOW TO

I love seeing birds in my garden, with this teacup bird feeder DIY, I am seeing more birds than ever. This teacup bird feeder is so quick, easy, and cheap to make, it makes a great craft for kids and just something fun to do when you are bored.

This post is about how to make a teacup bird feeder DIY

What you need:
  • Cup and Saucer ( I thrifted mine )
  • Hot glue and gun ( I previously tried Ceramic glue and didn’t find it nearly as strong as hot glue)
  • twine, rope, or string

Step 1:

Heat Up your hot glue gun. Once heated, glue the base of the cup to the saucer. Add extra glue around the sides if needed. If you don’t want to use hot glue, you can try other glues, but I recommend a quick-dry one if you are doing this craft with kids, also make sure it’s non-toxic for the birds. I have used non-toxic glue in this bird feeder project.

Step 2:

To make the rope, I got three pieces of a long string and plaited them. I then got another three and plaited them too, so I was left with 2 long plaited strings. Then make a criss-cross on the bottom of the saucer and hot glue them into place

Step 3:

Tie off the top and it’s ready to hang in a tree.

I hope you enjoyed making your very own DIY Teacup Bird Feeder. To add more details to this feeder, you can paint the cup yourself with glass paint, or add beads to the strings. This DIY craft is especially great for kids because of its cheapness and simplicity. Have fun with it and happy crafting!

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