How To Make Your Own Embroidery Necklace | Hand Embroidery Pendant

A Hand embroidery pendant necklace makes a great gift, beautiful unique bridesmaids’ jewelry, and just something different to add to your jewelry collection.

Let’s learn how to make these hand embroidery necklaces. These embroidery pendants are fairly easy to make, you just need a few supplies. If you are lucky enough you should be able to find the supplies needed in your local craft shop if not Amazon is my go-to place to shop. Nonetheless, these embroidery pendants make a great gift for a loved one and sell really well at craft markets. It took me a while before I perfected how I make these hand embroidery pendant necklaces. Check out the method I use below.

How to Make An Embroidery Pendant Necklace | Tutorial and Supply List

Let’s get started with this tutorial, firstly you will need to collect some supplies. This is what you need.

What you need:


Where to Buy?

If you are lucky enough these items should be available to you at your local craft shop, if you are not, go to Amazon. I get all of my supplies for embroidery necklaces from Amazon as my local craft shop is quite small so it doesn’t stock necklace pendants or chains

*Some items below may be affiliate links, which just means I get a small percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you!*

The Pendant Bezel Base

These are the ones I use. I use 25mm to 40mm sized ones. You can use wooden ones or metal, I have tried both and prefer the metal ones as the wooden ones are a little bit bulky for me. I get wooden ones from my local craft shop.

The Glue

the glue should be able to glue fabric and cardboard to metal. I have instant dry superglue. Quick-dry glue is a lot easier than overnight glue.

My favorite glues, I have tried a few. For your practice ones, you can use cheaper glue if you don’t want to use your good glue.

The Card

I cut these circles out on some craft cards, you could also use the cardboard from a cereal box. If you have a machine to cut the circles out, your life will be a lot easier. Cut a perfect circle is very difficult. You can try to use a compass but if the circle isn’t near perfect it will be more obvious when the material is covering the cardboard. As for the size, you will want to make it very slightly smaller than the pendant. You can test the size before you glue, I recommend doing this.

The Chain

These are the chains I have tried. Remember your skin may be sensitive to different metals, so check before wearing. For my practice necklaces, I buy my chains in bulk, in a 20 03 30 pack, I also sometimes use leather chains, especially when I use wooden pendants. If I am making the necklace for a gift or to sell, I will use a higher quality necklace chain, this is less likely to cause a reaction with someone’s skin or tarnish.

You can choose a chain length and style up to what your preference is and who you are making the embroidery necklace for.

Making the Embroidery Necklace

Let’s get started with this tutorial on how to make an embroidery necklace. Let me know how you go in the comments below, I love hearing from you all.


Cut out your design. Leave extra material around the edge of your design.

Step 2:

make a simple stitch all around the outside of the fabric. make these stitches small and close to the side of the fabric.

Step 3

Place the cardboard in the middle of the fabric and tighten the stitch. tie the stitch off. make it very tight. we want the fabric taut.

Step 4

If the fabric is still not tight around the cardboard, you can repeat step 2 again but with larger stitches further apart. you can even make stitches opposite each other to pull the material tight.

Step 5

Now superglue the cardboard and fabric into the pendant base. You only need a touch of glue, you don’t want to make your cardboard wet. and we don’t want the glue to soak through to the fabric. I recommend holding and pressing the necklace tightly with pressure for 30 seconds.

Step 6 All Finished!

Add your chain and it is ready to wear.

Hand Embroidery Pendant Necklace Inspiration!

Here are some of the hand-embroidery necklaces I have made…

Your first embroidery necklace might not turn out how you wanted or expected but just try again, this is a reason why to buy pendants and chains in bulk. I had a lot of failures before I made a necklace that I was happy with. Remember to keep trying and I would love to hear back from you.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your own embroidery necklace. If you require any information or help, let me know!

Have fun with this!

~Missy Kate

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