15 Gift Ideas for Embroiderers

Your mum, sister, best friend or Aunty, buying a gift for an embroiderer can be very difficult. What makes a good gift for the embroiderer though? Embroidery Floss and Needles seem pretty basic and boring, right? You want to get them something a little more special. Well, I have researched 15 Gift Ideas for embroiderers. As a keen embroiderer myself, I know they will LOVE anything from this list!


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This Post is about 15 gift ideas for Embroiderers

1. Vanishing Embroidery Transfers

These are great for pattern transfers, and most embroiderers are always running out of these. If you are looking for a useful gift, this is definitely it.

2. Learn Pet Portrait Embroidery

This is perfect for pet-obsessed people. Embroidery portraits of pets are very sentimental and are something any embroidered might be interested in learning to do.

3. Step by Step Embroidery Insect Book

This Book is STUNNING! This is a step-by-step guide with clear instructions and pictures to embroider the most beautiful insect patterns. The book truly is gorgeous inside and out. Check it out for yourself!

4. Jane Austin Embroidery

This Lovely book showcases beautiful embroidery patterns from the Jane Austins era, this is truly a treasure and a very special gift.

5. Embroider through the seasons

This is a highly detailed step-by-step embroidery guide to make very beautiful pieces based on seasons. Just look how gorgeous the cover is, I could only imagine how stunning the patterns would be!

6. Embroidery Stand

This is really useful and if you know the embroidery artist doesn’t have one, I really do recommend buying one for them. They really will appreciate you for it.

7. Vintage Embroidery Set

How pretty is this set? This beautiful vintage set will make you feel like a queen when embroidering. It is something different and makes for a unique gift.

8. DMC Embroidery Marker

A high-quality marker is a must for all embroiderers. This one from the DMC brand is very high quality and reliable. If you are making them an embroidery set, this is definitely something to throw in as well.

9. All about Medieval Embroiderers

This book has some history about medieval embroidery techniques. Let me just say Embroidery has come a long way since back then. Great gift for a history lover!

10. Embroidery Diary

“I’d rather be embroidering” diary. It is always nice to have a spare notebook, why not get this one for an embroidery artist! It is very fun and unique.

11. Portable Embroidery Bag

Carrying embroidery supplies around is always a struggle. This bag is made to hold everything you need in an organized fashion. No more digging through your bag just to find a needle. This is a must-have for a traveling embroiderer.

12. Portable Embroidery Bag

This bag is just as useful as the one above, but slightly smaller and has a beautiful floral design. Take your embroidery on the bus, train, or plane. This is sure to keep your embroidery project organized and useful to do it on the go!

13. Embroidery Transfers

This book has 70 beautiful iron-on designs. If you know someone learning embroidery and they need a little extra help with patterns then this book is perfect for them, especially because it is iron transfer, which is a very easy transfer method!

14. Harry Potter Embroidery Kit

We all know a harry potter lover! This kit contains everything you need to make your very own Harry Potter embroidery. A perfect gift for a harry potter lover that loves to embroider.

15. Many Embroidery Patterns

This book has some really great embroidery patterns. Never run out of embroidery patterns again. There is a huge variety and a little something for everyone.

I will be constantly updating this list with more gift ideas for embroiderers, so keep coming back for more. If you know someone or maybe yourself that wants to learn embroidery. I have a great selection of blog posts with free tutorials on embroidery stitches and patterns made just for beginners. Don’t hesitate to check them out!

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