30 Unique DIY Gifts for Adults and Craft Lovers

Do you need to buy a gift for a DIY-er, an absolute craft lover, or someone that loves to try new things? but you are stuck for ideas on what to get them? You don’t want to buy them something ordinary, you want to impress them with the gift, you want to buy them something they will actually use and enjoy, then I am sure you will find something worth giving them in this huge varieties well-researched list of 30 unique DIY Gifts for Adults.

DIY gifts for adults

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This post is about 30 DIY Gifts for Adults.


1. Mosaic Kit

Maybe they have talked about mosaics before, maybe they commented how beautiful they are. This DIY kit is the perfect beginner kit to learn how to make your very own mosaics.

2. Felt Succulents

So they are great at crafts but can’t keep a plant alive? Then why not DIY their very own with this felt succulent making set!

3. Macrame Moon Dream Catcher

Macrame is always the craze, to be honest, I don’t think it will ever go out of trend. This is a very cute moon dream catcher macrame set. DIY a perfect addition to your bedroom.

4. Bonsai Starter Kit

Bonsai is really a craft, it takes a lot of skills and patience. If you know someone that is extremely talented in crafts and gardens this is a great test for them. Everyone loves a little challenge. Get this bargain deal today!

5. Candle Making Kit

Why buy a candle when you can make your own with this candle-making kit! Candles can be used in any season, the elegance of a setting, and make a place feel so much cozier. Making your own candles can be really sentimental and a really fun thing to do. Buy this for a candle lover DIY-er

6. Embroidery Tote Kit DIY

Learn a new skill with this DIY Embroidery tote kit. This kit has everything you need to make that beautiful floral design. This is a perfect kit for someone wanting to try something new or a beginner embroidery artist.

7. DIY Casting Kit

This is a must-have! I know I am getting this for me and my partner to do together this Christmas. DIY something very sentimental, something you can keep forever. This really is something special to give to your DIYer.

8. Needle Felting Kit

Needle felting has been on my list of things to learn. I have purchased this kit and will be doing a review later on. This kit is ideal for someone completely new to needle felting like me!

9. String Art Sunflower

I ADORE this. DIY Lovers would live this. String art is something every DIY-er loves and adores. This String art sunflower is gorgeous, a DIY piece that will look beautiful in the home too

10. Flower Press

Honestly, flower presses are always fun. If you know someone that presses flowers they probably do it the old-fashioned, inconvenient way. With this flower press, the process is faster with a lot better results.

11. DIY Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are the best thing ever. I make my very own at home. See my DIY beeswax wrap article here. This is a kit with everything you need to make your very own beeswax wraps.

Beeswax wraps make your food last a lot longer and can be reused many, many, many times over. Very sustainable and will save your $$$$$

12. Leather Crafting Kit

Leather Crafting is a beautiful skill that I think not enough people do. It can be hard to pick up, this kit has everything you need to make a start at your leather crafting career. Leather crafting is a very interesting skill to learn. This is one of those very cool DIY gifts for adults.

13. Wreck this Journal

The world-famous “Wreck this journal”. Perfect for creative people that want to let off some creative steam. This is actually a journal for any age! This journal allows you to be creative any way you want, giving you basic instructions on how to fill up each page. It really is a fun little creative activity to do.

14. Glass Stone Art Jewelry DIY Kit

I am always seeing people wearing this type of jewelry around the place. It is even cooler to know they probably DIY-ed it. This is the glass stone art jewelry DIY kit. Perfect for making your own jewelry

15. Embroidery Kit

Looking for a new hobby? Why not hand embroidery? Hand embroideries popularity seems to be steadily increasing each year. It is a very beautiful craft to learn

16. Latch Hook Kits

While this looks like a kid’s activity, it is actually quite time-consuming and also perfect for adults to do. Make Mini Rugs are other things with this latch hook kit. This is very fun to do and keep busy

17. Learn to Sew Bunny Kit

This is the cutest bunny ever! Two months ago, a friend of mine approached me because she wanted to learn to sew! Of course, I taught her, she never learned as a child and always felt regret from that. she didn’t even know basic stitches. This is a perfect gift for her.

18. Embroidery Kit

Embroidery on the go, everything they need to pick up embroidery, then embroider on the go. A very cute set has everything an embroiderer would ever need.

19. Ring Making Kit

This kit is really really cool! It really dow have everything you need to make rings. This is a very interesting craft to learn. If you know someone hands-on, I do recommend gifting them this. They will love you for it.

20. Learn to Knit

Knitting is making a comeback! This kit has everything a beginner needs at a really reasonable price too!

21. Handmade Books Learn to Book

Handmade Books is a dying craft. While this isn’t a kit, just a book explaining techniques and basic how-to, This is a great gift for someone passionate about books. Keep the Craft alive by getting this!

22. Wood Carving Bird Kit

Wood Carving is fun! I, myself have tried it a few times. I didn’t have instructions or a guide, just the tools, my work came out just OK. I really would have preferred to have a kit like this on my first wood carving go, I think I would have been much more successful. Buy this for someone really hands-on.

23. Spoon Carving Kit

My mother carves spoons for gifts during Christmas. She absolutely loves it. I remember when she first started she would watch hours on youtube and her first attempts weren’t that great. If I knew this kit existed back then, I would gift it to her. This kit would be very helpful for a beginner.

24. Sushi Making Kit

Making sushi is hard. Making sushi is a craft, it really is. I am getting this Sushi making kit for my husband, so we can save some money instead of going out to buy sushi every weekend. A real must-have for sushi lovers!

25. Wood Carving Kit

The tools needed to start wood carving. Wood carving is very fun but can be challenging. This kit has everything you need to make a start.

26. Leather Wallet DIY

DIY a wallet! This is awesome. DIY-ers love to DIY something that they will actually use. It is a very affordable price, a perfect gift for DIY lovers.

27. DIY Tote Bag Learn to Sew

This kit can be for adults and children that want to learn to sew. You get a super cute tote afterward, definitely a win, win situation.

28. Woodburning Kit

I always see wood burnt art at the local market every month and they sell out so fast! I never thought about trying it myself, I always assumed its an expensive hobby. With this affordable kit, there is everything needed to start the wood-burning craft

29. Bee House Build Kit

Save the Bees! SO in town, you can’t exactly have a beehive but you still want to do your part to help the bees. Then this little bee house/hotel is perfect. A really nice gift for bee lovers.

30. String Art Daisy DIY

Lovely String Art, every DIY-er loves to make string art and loves to hang it in the house afterward. Buy this DIY string art kit today in time for Christmas.

That’s all for now, I will be adding to this list of Unique DIY gifts for adults in the future. Hope you found a perfect gift in this list for your loved ones.


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