How to Upcycle a Wool Blanket

Wool blankets are beautiful and many people don’t want to Upcycle them, but sometimes they get a bit too warn-out and tatty, maybe holey or stained, so when this happens, I love to upcycle.

Tips for Sewing Wool

Wool is definitely a harder fabric to sew, as it is thick and a little bit stretchy. You can use the following tips to make sewing wool a lot easier.

  • Take it slow, 2 layers of wool are quite thick and can be difficult for a standard sewing machine, in fact, I broke a machine. Slow and Steady really wins the race when it comes to wool.
  • Try a thicker needle, if you have a very thin delicate needle, I can almost guarantee it will break, so swap out your sewing machine needle for something a little more sturdy.
  • Make sure your machine can handle it. If you have a cheaper, beginner sewing machine, I don’t recommend sewing with wool because of its heavy quality!

Now, let’s get to the fun part, these upcycle wool projects are for all different levels of sewers. So take your pick and give it a go. Don’t let those wool blankets go to waste!

Upcycle a Wool Blanket to a Winter Jacket!

I did this and I love it! I managed to make this jacket in only 1 day and I’m honestly so proud. You will need more than just a wool blanket, I also purchased some second-hand fabric from a donation store. It is so comfy and warm for the winter. I get so many compliments as well. I love the pink lining and the green wool. It is seriously an amazing way to upcycle a wool blanket.

Upcycle to a Pillow!

With the rest of the wool blanket left over from making a winter coat, I made wool pillows. These are so fast to make, so if you are a beginner sewer you can give these a go. I have a tutorial on how I made a wool pillow in just 10 minutes, no zip needed! These pillows also sell so well at the local craft markets, I mean who doesn’t want a cute wool pillow maybe even a matching pair? They are very fashionable, and trendy and make any couch homey.

The tutorial is here on How to make an Envelope Pillowcase in under 10 Minutes!

Upcycle a Wool Blanket to a Tote Bag

If you think about it, wool is perfect for a tote because of how sturdy and durable it is. Again You will need a different fabric for the lining. I recommend making a wool tote bag a little bit bigger than your standard tote because the material is thicker than cotton fabric so with wool fabric it will have the illusion that it is smaller than it is. Wool blankets are great for totes because of all the different colors you can get, they really are aesthetically pleasing. Again these are another great seller at the local craft markets. They are always very popular.

Upcycle a Wool Blanket To Baby Shoes

Again these are another great seller at the local craft market, they are so cute and somewhat fast to make, however, because they are so tiny and the wool is quite thick they are a little bit difficult for a beginner. Still a great upcycle project if you have just a little bit of wool left over.

These are my main 4 ideas that are fun to upcycle. All of these are really profitable and for all different levels of sewers. If you would like a tutorial for any of these upcycle projects, please let me know.

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