11 Best Low Maintenance and Low Light Indoor Plants

If I am being honest with you, I have more indoor plants than outdoor ones. These low maintenance and low light Indoor plants really brighten up a home and make it look so lively and beautiful. While some indoor plants can be a bit tricky to care for. I have created this list to show you the best low-maintenance and low-light plants that will thrive under any condition. So if your apartment or home is low light, there is no need to worry as these following indoor plants love these conditions.

low maintenance and low light indoor plants

Generally when to water your Low Maintenance and Low Light Indoor Plants

Whilst the following are low maintenance and low light indoor plants, it is important to water the plants only when they need it. To check if your plant needs watering, check by pressing your finger into the soil, if it is dry all the way through, they need water. I will state when each plant needs to water though

Let’s get started with this list.

Low Maintenance and Low Light Indoor Plants


ALOE is extremely easy to look after, propagate and bring back to life. In fact the aloe plants in my house, I found on the side of the road, shriveled and ready for rubbish collection. I took them in and within a week they were thriving, the best thing about aloe is they can truly stand any situation.

When to water: Every 2-3 Weeks


Asparagus Fern is a lot sturdier than it looks. These plants can tolerate any conditions really, however lighter usually means the plant will be denser than in less light. These plants look so delicate and lovely in the house, they are one of my favorites.

When to water: When the top inch of soil feels dry

low maintenance and low light indoor plants


Air plants are awesome, seriously they are awesome. There are so many different air plants, you can never have enough, how you display air plants is up to you, some people keep them in driftwood and some people hang them, the thing with air plants is they don’t need soil but still need water. to water your air plant, simply let it soak in the water now and then.

When to Water – 2-hour soak every 3 weeks.


I am pretty sure English Ivy is almost impossible to kill, in fact, a lot of people hate it because it takes over literally everything, however when inside the home and maintained, it makes a beautiful hanging and climbing plant. It grows fairly quickly under any condition so will need to be trimmed.

When to Water – when the top soil dries out


I think lucky bamboo is so cute, bamboo can grow under any condition, and so does lucky bamboo, it really is as sturdy as it looks

When to water – Every 10 days


I love Pothos plants so much, they are so easy to care for, easy to propagate and hang so beautifully. They do get a bit sulky if they haven’t had water, but they quickly bounce back to life.

When to Water – every two weeks


Calathea looks very pretty, with their purple and greens, love low light, and can be forgotten about. Some people call these prayer plants because their leaves open during the day and close at night. It is really awesome to see, I have seen a lot of time lapses on social media of this happening. The Prayer Plant is definitely one for your collection.

when to water: once the soil is dried out


Spider plants are awesome, I have the variegated curly ones in my house, but the straight ones are just as awesome. They are easy to propagate because they make spider babies which can be planted. The spider plants are always popular at the markets.

When to water – once a week


These ZZ plants are so good for the air, these plants make the air so healthy for your breathing, I have a black raven ZZ plant in my bedroom for this reason. These plants are a little bit slower growing than others but they love neglect and only need water once the soil is completely dry

When to water – once the soil is completely dried out


Snake plants can grow literally anywhere, but do best in the shade, I have never met anyone that has managed to kill a snake plant. I have the non-variegated and variegated snake plants and I forget about them all the time they are always growing taller and stronger

When to water – once the soil dries out


Rubber plants look like they can handle anything and they can, these are low light and low maintenance truly. There are so many different types of rubber plants, so you are spoilt for choice.

When to water – every 1-2 weeks

This blog post has been 11 best Low Maintenance and Low Light Indoor Plants for plant lovers…

If you are new to having an indoor plant garden or not, I hope you found something on this list to spark some inspiration for low-maintenance and low-light indoor plants

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