How to: Embroidery On Jeans | Beginner Guide for DIY Hand Embroidery on Denim

Embroidery on Jeans has recently become trendy, with this ultimate guide for DIY Hand Embroidery on Denim you will be able to join the trend too and DIY your own jeans!

This is a quick guide to learning how to do embroidery on jeans. Embroidering on a clothing item is a little harder than just doing it on regular fabric. This is just to the denim is thicker, and has a funny stretch to it also because it’s hard to place an embroidery hoop. In this guide, I will show you how to successfully put embroidery on jeans. In this tutorial I make these little mushrooms bit you can do any design really.

Embroidery on Jeans | A guide

I love making embroidery designs for my old jeans or second-hand ones. The best part about hand embroidery is that you can easily unpick it if you don’t like it.

Tips for stitching on Denim

These are useful tips you should consider when starting and during your project. Here is a useful article on mistakes beginner embroidery artists make:

1. Plan your Design

You probably don’t want to mess up too much when embroidering on denim as this can leave holes and when you are wearing it, it’s not very desirable. So plan plan plan. Perhaps even try your pattern on a piece of practice fabric first.

2. Color Matters

Choose your colors carefully. Keep in mind the colors of the denim you are embroidering on. Google has a lot of resources on color schemes if you want your item to look harmonious.

3. Use a hoop!

It can be so hard to place a hoop on whatever denim clothing you are embroidering on but for the embroidery to turn out you really need a hoop. You can buy Embroidery hoops in different sizes, i recommend using one that is a suitable size for your project

4. Wash your Denim with cold water after

The embroidery and the hoop will stretch the denim out, so make sure you wash the denim in a cold water wash afterward.

5. Water Soluble Pen

It’s common to use a pencil when sketching embroidery patterns but when it comes to embroidery on clothing I always use a water-soluble pen. For me personally, it is way more beneficial and it reminds me to wash my clothing after the project is finished.

Mushrooms on Jean Pockets Embroidery Tutorial

Now we have a few tips in mind, let’s get started with the mushroom embroidery on jeans.

What I will be Embroidering?

For this tutorial, I am embroidering mushrooms with some grass, ( you can follow this pattern too if you like) but you can do any pattern of your choice! I have recently been getting into the cottage-core aesthetic so I think that’s why I love mushrooms at the moment.

The colors I will be using are:

White, Red, Green

Which Stitches will I be using for this Pattern

I will be using a simple satin stitch to complete this design. I went and made the pattern as I went. You can free-hand it as I did, however, if you are not that confident, you can sketch it out first and try a practice run on an old piece of fabric.

What you Need:

  • >Jeans ( I thrifted these jeans for $2!)
  • >Embroidery Hoop
  • >Embroidery Floss
  • >Needle

Step 1

Choose where you want to make your design. I chose to out the design above the back pocket. This way it will look like the mushrooms and grass are growing out of the pocket. Now put on the embroidery hoop. This task is harder than it looks as jean is thick. You will struggle but you want the fabric to be like a drum.

Step 2

We will be starting the design slightly deeper into the pocket than what we will be seeing, we don’t want floating mushrooms in case our body changes the layout.

To make the mushroom stalk, I simply make satin stitches using white embroidery floss. The base of the stalk should be the thickest and the top should be the thinnest.

Step 3

for the Hat of the mushroom, I used red embroidery floss. Make Satin stitch again. The base should be the thickest and the top the thinnest, making an almost triangle shape. If your mushroom is looking a bit wonky, that’s okay, nothing in nature is straight and perfect.

Step 4

For the white spots on the mushroom hat, I made small white lines. I threaded the white floss over the red floss making a small cross. This way the white doesn’t get lost in the red and can stand out more.

Step 5

For the grass, I went and added green lines and a variety of different lengths.

Step 6

Now I went back and completed the other mushrooms where I felt is appropriate and I added more grass too.

And that’s it.

That is all I did to make this beautiful mushroom design on the back of my jeans.

Try this design or try your own. Hand embroidery on jeans and denim is really fun and can really spice up your old jeans or clothes.

All Finished!

And that is everything to need to know about hand embroidery on jeans or denim. I hope your embroidery on denim turns out great, I would love to see some results. Comment below and I will get back to you

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