Free Printable Beginner Embroidery Pattern

Are you looking for a free printable beginner Embroidery Pattern? then you have come to the right place. This is a Free PDF Embroidery Pattern that is downloadable. All you have to do is print it out, draw the pattern on your fabric, and start stitching! The colors and stitches are listed in the tutorial along with how to finish the back.

free printable beginner embroidery pattern

Free Printable Beginner Embroidery Pattern

This is a great Free PDF Embroidery pattern for a beginner embroiderer and for kids. This pattern also makes for a great piece of decor for any room in the house. Feel free to play around with different colors and try to make the pattern in different sizes, but mainly have fun with it! I hope you enjoy stitching this pattern and learn a lot.

What does this Free PDF Embroidery Pattern Contain?

The download contains everything you will need:

  • Instructions
  • pattern
  • a color guide,
  • setup guide


What you need:

  • >Embroidery Hoop – 15cm
  • >White fabric or fabric of your choice
  • >Needle – one with a larger eye hole will be easier to thread your needle
  • >Pencil or Disappearing Marker
  • >The Pattern
  • >Scissors
  • >Embroidery Floss
  • >Eraser if you are using a pencil

OPTIONAL – fabric glue, backing fabric

Embroidery Floss

I used these colors, you can use the same or choose your own:
(the colors in the picture may be slightly different from the colors in real life due
to the screen, brightness, and other factors)

DMC Thread Colors

3779 Terra Cotta – ULT VY LT
3835 Grape – MED
3845 Bright Turquoise – MED
3831 Raspberry DK
3341 Apricot
420 Hazelnut brown – DK
347 Salmon – VY DK
725 Toppaz
472 Avocado Green ULT LT

Don’t forget to download the Free PDF Embroidery Pattern (link below)

Threading the Needle

For this pattern, we will use all 6 strands of the embroidery floss.
I like to use around 60cm or more of each floss.
While it’s not best practice to double or triple knot the end of the
floss, I like to. When finishing the stitch I also like to double and
triple knot at the back to keep everything secure.

Setting the Hoop Up

When setting up your hoop, you want the fabric nice and tight,
almost like a drum. Cut the fabric around the hoop, leaving a couple
of inches of fabric right around the outside of the hoop. We do this so
we can glue the fabric down when we complete the backing, later on
in this tutorial.

The Stitches

This Pattern uses 5 different basic embroidery stitches. Below shows
a step-by-step picture tutorial for each stitch.
The stitches we will be learning:

  • Wagon Wheel Rose
  • Back Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Lazy Daisy
  • Stem Stitch

Stitches Tutorial

For a step-by-step Tutorial for these stitches check out this blog post

How to Finish the Back (Optional)

Finishing the back basically means covering the back and tucking away
any sticking out fabric from the sides of the hoop so it looks tidy
when you showcase it on your wall.

Step 1:
Remove the finished embroidery from the hoop
Step 2:
To the back of the embroidery fabric add your choice of backing
fabric. The fabric should sit with the wrong sides together. If the
fabric is see-through you can double-layer it or triple-layer. You could
also put a piece of felt in between.
Step 3:
Put your work back into the hoop
Step 4:
Cut around the hoop, leave enough fabric to be able to wrap the
the fabric around the back.
Step 5:
Tuck the fabric behind the frame. You can tuck and glue it
on the side and a little bit under the inside of the embroidery hoop.
Step 6:
Cut away any excess fabric if there is any.

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All Finished

I hope you finished your free printable beginner embroidery pattern. This floral pattern is ideal for beginners and children. If you found this pattern beneficial leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear your feedback.

free printable beginner embroidery pattern

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