5 Unique Ways to Stitch Hand Embroidery Leaves

Hand Embroidery Leaves are one of the most common things in embroidery art. These are 5 different ways to Stitch Hand Embroidery Leaves, step by step for beginners.

There are 100s of different ways to hand embroider leaves. As someone who loves embroidery, I will be demonstrating some of my favorite stitches.

These 5 stitches can be used for small leaves and large leaves, these stitches are great for the beginner embroiderer as well

I will be covering these 5 stitches: fishbone, long-short stitch, french knot, fly stitch, satin stitch

This post is about 5 ways to stitch hand embroidery leaves.


French Knot

This is an easy embroidery leaf to stitch, it can also be used as a floral type of stitch.

To start this french knot leaf, I started with a stem stitch to outline the stem. Here is a simple tutorial for the stem stitch. I then went in and added french knots. To make a french knot, bring the needle up from the back, wrap the thread around the needle 3 times and then push the needle to the back of the fabric where the needle previously came up from.

Long Short Stitch

This leaf stitch is great for using many different colors in your leaves. In This example, I only used 2 colors but you can use as many as you want.

To complete this leaf stitch, Make a long stitch then a short one. Make this all around the outside of the leaf. Get your next color and fill in the middle using the same method of long, short stitches. I then stitched a stem sitch through the middle of the leaf.

Satin Stitch

This Satin Stitch is used widely in embroidery. In this example, I have used 2 different colors to add some contrast to the leaf. To make a satin stitch, make simple stitches across the width of the block you want to fill. Do this until the leaf block is filled. Then do the other side with a different color.


This is the most common and preferred embroidery leaf stitch. To complete this stitch, make a simple stitch at the top of the leaf. Then bring out the needle and thread next to one side of the top of the leaf. Next, weave the needle from the bottom of the simple stitch to the other side of the top of the simple stitch. Pull through and then do it on the other side. Carry on with this method until the leaf outline is filled.

Fly Stitch

This stitch is a great stitch for branches and thin leaves. To do this stitch, bring the needle through the top of the leaf. Weave the needle and thread in from the bottom of the first leaf line and out from the top of that line. pull through and then bring your needle over to the opposite leaf line and do the same method as before but this time start at the top of the leaf line. Make sure to catch the extra thread under the needle tip.

This post has been 5 unique ways to stitch Hand Embroidery Leaves. This post covered the French knot leaf stitch, Long Short Leaf Stitch, Satin Leaf Stitch, Fishbone Leaf Stitch, and Fly Leaf Stitch.

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