These are the Home Decor Trends You Need This Year | 2024

What are the Home Decor Trends in 2024?

Let’s talk about home decor that’s trending in 2024. If you’re a home decor freak like me, you’re in for a treat. I will be diving into the latest trends that are dominating the home decor scene in 2024. Home decor is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends can help you create a stylish and inviting space that reflects your unique style and personality. From sustainable choices to multifunctional spaces, and from bold color palettes to innovative materials, we’ll explore the exciting home decor trends that are making a big impact in 2024.

What are the Current Trends

We have bold accent colors, with neutral colors, plush rugs, house plants galore, upcycled furniture, natural wood accents, and more! To be honest this is kinda looking like my Pinterest boards from three years ago!


Let’s start by talking about the base of any room, the colors!

Neutral Colors

Neutral Base colors are in, and to be honest, I am not complaining. Having neutral base colors really really makes one feel relaxed and at peace. In the hectic world, we live in today it’s important to have a space safe where our minds can breathe. Examples of neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white

Accent Colors

To make the room pop, bold bright accent colors are in. This goes well with the neutral base so the room isn’t overwhelming and hard on the eyes! Accent colors can be subtle like plants, pillows, frames, etc. Check out these examples

Cozy Places

2024 is all about comfort, no more cold homes, let’s make them feel warm and welcoming.

Plush Rugs

Those thick plush rugs that you lose everything in are back to trending! Plush rugs make a house look so expensive and elegant When it was rumored plush rugs would be back trending in 2024 I was delighted.

Oversized Furniture

Big Couches, High Toped Arm Chairs are in, these can be so awkward can hard to arrange in your home, so be careful with this one. If your room is quite small you will want something that isn’t too big because it will make the room feel so small. Having a full-length mirror that is quite wide is a great way to keep up with the trend while opening up a space.

Natural Elements

Nature in the Home, we love!

Natural Materials

Wood accents are back in, hello 2021, how are you? Ratten furniture, wood accents, and any other natural material are trending. This means trendy furniture from second-hand shops can be easily found for a great price!

We love Plants

House plants people, look nice and are great for the air quality too. This was also a massive trend in 2021 it was like a game of who can collect them all that year. Well, let me tell you, you don’t need every house plant out there, just one or two for some green accents in the house. Also remember some house plants are toxic to pets, so research before buying if you have a furry friend, or check out this blog post I made.

So will you be following the home decor trends in 2024?

I love these home decor trends in 2024, I hope you do too. But remember, at the end of the day, it is your space, you decorate it how you like and love. If you liked what was trending 10 years ago, keep that up! Don’t feel social pressure to change your style based on what’s trending. In fact look at what’s currently trending as a place to grab home decor inspiration from, rather than something that has to be done so your style stays up to date! Trends are always changing, so Enjoy and love your space, Happy decorating!

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