10 Common Crochet Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them

If you clicked on this article it probably means you are learning to crochet. Which is awesome, well done, keep it up, proud of you! Crochet is a wonderful craft that has been around for almost ever. Crochet allows you to make beautiful items with just a hook and yarn. To help you get started with crochet, let’s talk about common crochet mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them.

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Crochet Mistakes Beginners Make

Everyone has to start somewhere. I remember when I first started crocheting I made nearly every single one of these mistakes every time for about a good 6 months, I was surprised I didn’t give crochet up, that’s how terrible all of my projects turned out. I was making granny squares that turned out round and not square, my crochet projects were literally all falling apart. So I compiled a list to help newbies like yourself on 10 crochet mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them… Okay, let’s get started.

1. The Tension

Having an uneven tension will really make your crochet whack. Having some stitches too tight, and then some too loose will always result in an uneven crooked project. having uneven tension can be down to the user, but also having incorrect hook and yarn size. So make sure your hook and yarn are correct before blaming yourself.

How to Avoid Uneven Tension

The main thing that can help you avoid this is just to practice, there are no magic tricks that I know of. Just make sure your hands feel like they are holding the yarn and hook the same way all through your crochet project. Practice makes perfect!

2. Misreading Patterns

For a beginner crochet patterns look like a mess, they have symbols, they have abbreviated terms, they have written words. Well, it gets worse, countries have different abbreviated terms, this means UK and USA have the same crochet stitches but different abbreviated terms for them!

How to Avoid Misreading a crochet pattern?

Firstly always check where this pattern is from, is it a US pattern or is it a UK pattern? The next thing you can do to help yourself is to download a conversion chart. this will make pattern reading a whole lot easier. I made a FREE PDF CROCHET CONVERSION CHART HERE

3. Wrong Hook Size

Remember this, the size of the hook determines the size of the stitches. If the hook is too big the project will turn out bigger than it’s supposed to be, Hook is too small it can turn out little. Not only that having the wrong hook size can muck up the tension throughout your project.

How to Avoid the Wrong Hook Size

Always use the hook size recommended in the pattern you are following to achieve the same outcome

4. Incorrect Stitch Count

Count your stitches! If you are not counting your stitches this will most definitely lead to mistakes. Each row of rounds usually requires a specific number of stitches. Missing a stitch, or adding extra will make your project look misshaped

How to Avoid This

Count your stitches, you can even buy stitch markers, to help you remember where you are up to, or how many you have down. On large projects, I use a stitch marker to mark every ten stitches in case I lose count. Here are some useful stitch markers, but paper clips and curtain hooks work too…

5. Not Checking the Guage

This is a little advanced for beginners, but usually on patterns, there will be a number of stitches and rows per inch. This is the gauge, if the gauge is wrong, the project will be the wrong size.

How to Avoid This

Have correct tension, have the correct hook and yarn, and don’t skip stitches. Basically follow all of the tips above. Remember your crochet project won’t turn out perfect every time, but checking the gauge can help you make it as perfect as possible.

6. Skipping or Adding Stitches

Like what we went over before counting your stitches, accidentally adding stitches or skipping them will results in gaps or extra stitches making the project uneven.

To Avoid Skipping or Adding Stitches

Count your Stitches!

7. Not Weaving in the Ends

I hate, and I mean hate weaving in the ends. It is the absolute worse part of crochet. However, if it’s not done it makes the crochet look messy and unfinished

How to make Weaving in the Ends Easier

Weave the ends in as you go. I made a huge granny square blanket, and I really wish I had weaved the ends in as I went. Weaving as you go, really breaks it down and makes the pesky task more bearable.

8. Not Blocking

What’s blocking you might ask? Blocking is the process of shaping and setting your crochet project to the final size. This is usually done by pining it down to styrofoam. Blocking granny squares is crucial to get that perfect square shape.

To Avoid and How to Block

Block your works, blocking is super easy, there are a hundred tutorials out there. Block your work onto styrofoam and use pins to hold it in place, mist the work lightly with a spray bottle of water, to encourage the yarn to hold its shape. There are Crochet Blocking kits available if you don’t want to do it the DIY way. A Wooden Crochet Blocking Kit is Available here

9. Wrong Yarn Size

Using the wrong weight of yarn and the wrong type will result in mistakes. Yarn has different thicknesses, drapes, and elasticities. which will change the final outcome.

To avoid using the Wrong Yarn

Always follow what is recommended on the pattern, as you learn to crochet you will feel more comfortable choosing yarn to match yourself. But for a beginner, it’s recommended to follow the pattern instructions.

10. Giving up Too soon

This is probably the most common out of all the crochet mistakes beginners make and that’s quitting too soon. Crochet like any skill takes practice. It can make you feel down when your crochet project doesn’t turn out like the picture, but that’s all part of the learning process. I can guarantee you will learn and you will improve with practice, time, and consistency

To Avoid This


So have you made any of these Crochet Mistakes Beginners Make?

In conclusion, it’s important to be aware of these common crochet mistakes and take steps to avoid them as a beginner. Crochet is a skill that improves with practice, so be patient with yourself and keep learning from your mistakes. Happy crocheting!

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