How to Crochet Chain Stitch | Quick Guide

How to Crochet a Chain Stitch, Crochet Chain Stitches are the very first thing you should be learning when learning to crochet. The crochet chain stitch is the base of all crochet projects really. From a crochet chain, you can build other crochet stitches. So let’s learn how to do that. Across most countries, the chain stitch is referred to as the chain stitch so there shouldn’t be too much confusion.

Things to remember before starting

  • Make sure your yarn and crochet hook is the correct for each other. Here is a guide to help you get this correct, while it might seem like it doesn’t matter. Having the correct sizes will make crocheting a lot easier and your end result will look 10x better.
  • Tension matters and this will be picked up with practice
  • When crocheting, ch will often be used as an abbreviation for chain stitch
  • Dont quit because your first few stitches are rubbish
  • Have fun and keep crocheting.

Useful crochet resources for beginners

Quick Guide to Crochet Chain Stitch:

  1. Start with a slip knot on your crochet hook
  2. yarn over, keeping the tension correct
  3. pull the yarn through with the end of the crochet hook
  4. repeat steps 2 and 3 until a chain starts to form, remember to keep the tension the same through the chain to avoid loose links or links that are too tight.

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