How to Start Your Own Sewing Room | 40 Useful Things Your Sewing Room Needs!

Let’s talk about starting a sewing room. So you have decided to do it, and have your very own space for sewing! These are 40 things that your sewing room needs.

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How to Start Your Own Sewing Room | 40 Useful Things for your sewing room

Let’s talk about the factors you should consider when starting your very own sewing room. When we think about a sewing space we think about a space that keeps all of our sewing material organized, a space that has a great setup for cutting patterns and sewing, a space where we can make great progress on our projects and truly excel at our hobby.

Here are 4 categories to think about when starting your sewing space

  • Storage
  • Sewing Table
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Decor


Let’s talk storage for your sewing room. A sewing room needs a lot of storage, the storage should be easy to use and have a good organization system. You will require storage for fabric, ribbon, elastics, pins, patterns, cotton, projects, the list could go on and on. So let’s discuss some great options to make your sewing room storage a whole lot easier.

Storing Threads and Cotton

Let’s get this straight, having your cotton a mess is a nightmare with a place to hand your cotton it will make your life a lot easier and keep your sewing space a lot cleaner. A cotton organizer also means you can find the color you are looking for easier, below are some great cotton holders which I recommend. Bobbin storage is also useful if you like to store your bobbins separately from your spools.

Fabric Storage

If you love sewing you will know that you need fabric storage for all sizes of fabric from scraps to fat quarters to meters. So let’s talk about what storage could be useful.

For Fat quarters

When storing fat quarters and smaller amounts of fabric, you will want to have storage that has dividers to keep things organized, here are two great options that I recommend.

For Large Fabric

Storing Large fabric can be a hassle, I like to use clothing storage boxes to store my large fabric pieces, this storage works extremely well for me, so i am sure it will work great for you too.

Storage for Bits and Bobs

I have so many sewing bits and bobs, and to keep them organized I have sets of mini drawers and boxes, check out these storage ideas for those pesky sewing bits and bobs. To be honest you can never have enough storage!

Sewing Table

For your sewing room to be a success you will need a great sewing table, this sewing table should be light, have storage and fit your room’s aesthetic. Check out some of these sewing tables

Pattern Cutting

Here are some things that will be useful for your pattern cutting in your sewing area. A large cutting mat is a great investment if you are starting your sewing room.

Paperweights are also extremely useful, for the longest time I was pinning the paper to the fabric, it would take the longest time. Since I made the change to pattern paperweights my life has been a lot easier and pattern cutting has been a lot more enjoyable.

To store my patterns I use document holders. I prefer to use plastic document holders as they are waterproof and I am clumsy but a cardboard document holder/organiser would work fine too!


While having decor isn’t necessary it is nice to have a space that you love. An aesthetically pleasing area will make you love and use your sewing space even more too.

What to Hang on Your Wall?

Your room decor is totally done of preference. I like to keep the theme sewing related, so here is some sewing decor that I think fits the theme.

What about Lighting

If your room has poor lighting, having some decent but decorative lamps could be extremely useful. Especially when working those late nights, check out these options.

Other Cool Sewing Decorations

Here are some sewing knick-knacks that are too cute to ignore.

And that is all you need for your Sewing room!

So will you be taking into consideration some of these ideas for your sewing space? Let me know in the comments, I look forward to hearing from you.

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