5 Easy Embroidery Flowers |For Beginners Hand Embroidery

This is a beginner tutorial for anyone interested in learning easy embroidery flowers. The following flowers are very basic and beginner-friendly.

EASY EMBROIDERY FLOWERS 1: Satin Stitch Flower Petals

Firstly draw an outline of a flower you want to make. Then make a satin stitch. A Satin stitch is basically just a straight stitch but is repeated to make the area full of embroidery floss. See the diagram below.

For the middle of the flower. I used French Knot Stitch. This one sometimes takes a little bit to get used to. But once you know how to do it, it’s very easy. For a full tutorial on the french knot, How To Make The Perfect French Knot in Seconds!


Next, we have the wagon Wheel Rose Flower. This is very simple to make. Firstly make a wagon wheel pattern on your fabric with a disappearing marker, make sure there are 5 lines coming out of the center, then simply weave the embroidery floss under and over, until the wagon wheel is full. See the diagram below. For the stem, I used a stem stitch, find the tutorial here The 5 Most Useful Basic Hand Embroidery stitches to Learn for Beginners, but a straight stitch looks just as nice.


This next one is the french knot bouquet. I recommend you view this tutorial How To Make The Perfect French Knot in Seconds first if you aren’t completely confident in embroidering them yet. Once you have the french knots down packed. simple repeat, repeat, repeat until you have a beautiful bouquet full. Then add a stem stitch or straight stitch for the stem and it’s completed.

EASY EMBROIDERY FLOWERS 4 & 5: Lazy Daisy Flowers

The next two flowers use the lazy daisy stitch, I have the full tutorial here if you want to follow that. The 5 Most Useful Basic Hand Embroidery stitches to Learn for Beginners The lazy daisy stitch makes for beautiful flower petals, and to finish off the flower, add french knots and stem or straight stitch.

This has been 5 easy embroidery flowers tutorial, If you enjoyed this tutorial, why not check out some of my others

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